Best Forum Software of 2010 - Results

After a really intensive fight among all competitors, we are proud to announce the results of our yearly competition to promote the Best Forum Softwares of 2010, in three distinct categories: Free, Commercial and Hosted.

With more than 250 comments posted and more than 3800 voters, the competition was this year really popular, with really interesting discussions and sometimes trolls just below each poll.

Let's announce the results:

Best Free Forum Software: MyBB

With 47% of the voters (1455 out of a total of 3066 votes), MyBB got its award back for 2010! After an epic fight between phpBB (463 votes) and Simple Machines (527 votes), MyBB (1455 votes) was able to reach this great score, helped a bit by a really dynamic and enthusiastic community! MyBB is getting more and more popular, and its extremely ease of installation and its increasing count of available plugins are clearly parts of the success.

Best Commercial Forum Software: Invision Power Board

Finally, Invision Power Board pushes vBulletin down from the throne, after 3 successive years. Invision Power Board, and more particularly its major version 3 proves that forum and social networks are not two distinct worlds, and that forum technologies can evolve to embrace social networks.

Best Hosted Forum: ZetaBoards

After the beginning of the year lead by Lefora, Zetaboards finally got out and won this award with almost 60% of the voters. This company, that also runs InvisionFree has a clear and good expertise in forum hosting and community supporting, and they deserve their award.

Now that 2010 is ended, it's time to look forward to the future, and we announce today the official poll to nominate the best forum softwares of 2011. Note that this year, we put all softwares together, but each of them are running for their own category (free, commercial, and hosted).

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Comments (2)

no this is impossible track

no this is impossible
track your poll stats already
SMF dominated the poll since Jan 2010 and followed by phpBB
until Nov 2010 it kept dominating (then i had to disappear)
how did MyBB get votes for like 3X SMF votes ?
your poll has been flooded
for the very sure
another thing
visit SMF 2 review
and go to the poll stats
you'll find that bad less features are over voted
same to phpBB
i would like to see you re-look into your poll
or i will not be a fan of you
not anymore
even the new poll is obviously flooded

Best Regards
Sadaoui "SAFAD" Abderrahim - Lead Developer AEF Group


I must admit for a long time

I must admit for a long time I thought nothing out there could ever compare to phpbb, but after I started having some major issues with it I looked into some other options and after trying out SMF, Vanilla, and a couple of others I finally found mybb.

At first I kept thinking "this is too simple"! (A bit like when I switched form Windows to my Mac.) I kept looking for much harder ways of doing things. The truth is that mybb is a very simple, easy to use, yet powerful forum option and the more I've used it the more I like it!

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