How to choose the right forum?

The FSR team is really proud to announce the release of the Guide for choosing the best forum software. This guide is based on a 10-question quiz, that tries to identify and understand your needs to filter the huge existing list of products reviewed here. Some advices and potential matching products are provided at each step, to be sure that you go to the right direction and if your initial plans are really well defined.

Even if a forum could be installed in less than 30 seconds, it is indeed very important to make the right choice since the beginning, because it will definitely define the future success (or not) of your community, and you have to take care right now about some important details, even if they don't look essential for the moment. This guide has been developed in this aim.

We really hope it will help you to find the right forum for your community, because this is one of the main mission of our website and team. Of course, as usual with beta products, do not hesitate to report any problems or strange things in the discussion forum.

Note: This is the second part of our previous teasing note, the mystery is now solved!

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