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very innacurate review which is not true actually

This is a very innacurate review of the forum software I am using for 5 years already and could say it is much-much better in comparison what I've used previously.

Installation takes only couple of minutes and I don't know what could be damn simpler than that.

CMS / Blog softwares integration also User base integration could be done customly in almost all cases (of course professional skills are needed, but this is not the topic where a damn newbie should act). AFAIK miniBB is one of the few forum softwares whose authors really CARED about incorporation into 3rd party apps without destroying the core algorithms and scripts (as least it worked for my site perfectly).

Template Engine - None? It's completely templates driven, miniBB's own parsing engine is death simple, it can not be even compared by the speed with Smarty for example.

Syndication - it has RSS feeds addon with many variations.

Poll Creation - already received a note from authors there will be a super-addon never seen in other software.

Private Messages - the addon is available many times ago.

Custom BBCodes - AFAIK there is no problem with it. It can handle any code you program.

User Management - User Groups - that is not true. There are only some "special" users who can be mods, and there is only one admin-user. I don't care it's limited and the software is designed not to handle user groups and other users stuff... it's a CONTENT-ORIENTED board, that's the true and that's what I always needed in the term of SEO etc... I didn't care about the users or groups in general.

User List - there is an addon called "members list".

Anonymous Posting - No? damn... THAT'S THE MAIN POLITICS OF THIS BOARD! It has anonymous postings allowed BY DEFAULT!!!

Email Notifications - No?.. Absolutely not true. It has so powerful notifications system and easy at once.

Instant Messaging - No... well, no actually, but I don't need who cares about it on a bulletin board.

Captcha Protection - of course there IS an addon related.

File attachment with posts - that feature can be added with the plugin.

User Ranks - I don't doubt everything needed is included already, so it's in your own hands.

User Avatars - addon exists. User Signatures - addon exists.

It really the best forum software I ever seen. Of course it's a bit limited (you can not have EVERYTHING in 200 Kb package), but it offers much much more than other forum programs. And I definitely like the "minimalism"/zen idea which I naturally have been grown from.

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Hello, Please take a look to


Please take a look to the last update of the review.

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Yes, this review is very

Yes, this review is very inaccurate. I'm using this forum software for over 5 years on my site and I'm extremely pleased with it. It's fast, light-weight and administrator's dream.

Yes, installing plugins and updating the forum (if you have custom modifications done) is not on the easier side but if you are looking for a software that does not tax your server resources and does not churn out bloated pages, this is the best software you can ever get. I have used both phpBB and vBulletin.

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The MiniBB Review has been

The MiniBB Review has been updated.

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On the first page, you claim

On the first page, you claim that Default core module too simple, but what does it mean? Does it mean BAD?
its MINI BB, it follow the concepts to be as simple as possible.
Also its not difficult to compile addons anymore, minibb auto compiler does the trick in seconds.

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Hi, I rephrased this "bad"


I rephrased this "bad" point, saying that having a too basic core system can lose beginners, that don't understand immediately why their freshly installed forum software misses so many features he/she usually sees on alternatives.

From my point of view, MiniBB's choice and architecture is really good, because an advanced community administrator exactly knows what he needs in order to build and configure his/her forum, and can eventually add additional features later on if required. This story would however not be as successful with some low-level user that basically wants a phpBB-clone for its forum (and chose MiniBB because he likes its theme, yeah, we speak about a particular stupid user Wink.

As you say indeed, the MiniBB autocompiler feature is very nice to for adding addons quickly. I think I should plan a refresh of MiniBB review soon anyway.

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