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Would be good as a free

Would be good as a free software, but as a paid-only software it sucks. But I'll check the demo.


This was so good we moved

This was so good we moved from free to paid. The big factor for us was that with the popular free platform we were on we could not expect or demand the support we needed & the community support was sometimes over our heads. With some of our members paying for enhanced features on our forums we have to offer the required level of support.

Free's great (& some of it sucks) - I'm a Linux user & advocate of open-source but as a non-coder admin who's reputation is on the line I don't begrudge paying for a decent product that gives me the features & support I need.

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Looked at a lot of products

Looked at a lot of products - free & paid for before moving forum to FusionBB. The only one that did most of what we needed & with an admin panel I could get to grips with straight away. The level of customisation possible is amazing. Particularly happy with the inclusive gallery & subscriber features. More feature I'd like to see but still not seeing any platform I'd prefer elsewhere. I'm a member of other forums using the usual suspects & always glad to get back 'home' to my own forums.

Still seems niche compared to the 'big boys' but definitely worth a look. It would be nice to have a bigger community of admins using this product to drive further development, mods, skins etc

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Ross, How are you? I have a

How are you? I have a question for you. Do you use Webmaster Tools by Google for your forum sites? If so, do you have continuous crawl errors by the Google Bot?



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Excellent forum, but...

Excellent forum, but... FusionBB has lost all its developers. Bug fixes and support are very slow and sometimes non-existent. Go to their own forum and see the lack of postings and participation. It was good when people were working on it, but that has ended. It's too bad, because it had great potential.

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