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Unknown Picture suck more than suck more than a toothless granny


At least we know not to trust

At least we know not to trust your review. And that reason would be completely obvious, thanks to you.

Unknown Picture

Pros: Cons: Difficult


Cons: Difficult and slow to use. I paid for a second level domain and they deleted my entire site. I requested know what the issue was. They not only refused to respond but deleted the support ticket. Went back to knowledge base support & administrator there still refused to respond. Round and round in circles and nobody cares. I'm done with these idiots.


Unknown Picture

WATCH OUT. I started a forum

WATCH OUT. I started a forum with FreeForums and the interface and such was good. Then about 3 weeks later, I go to log in, and FreeForums had DELETED my forum without any warning! No email or anything, they just wiped it because it supposedly "violated terms of service".
I had no copyright or illegal content whatsoever. I had some links to self-made PDFs and one or two MP3 voice recordings, none of which were copyright. I can only guess that this is why they screwed me, because they though these were illegal links or something. I emailed them and got no response, so I had to go on their support forum and log a ticket.

Turns out they can't restore my forum because it had been more than 7 days since they deleted it. But they sent me no email warning me or telling me, so I had no idea at the time! I replied to them with this complaint, and all they told me was "Well, you shouldn't have violated terms of service". I don't even know what I did!

These guys are jerks, find someone else to host your forum.

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