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XMB is on my top three list..

I've used XMB in the past with great results.. My users have never complained about the layout or ease of use.. it was easy to maintain and solid as a rock.. Still is, unless you host on GoDaddy.. read on:

I tried installing a fresh version on a GoDaddy hosted site, and ended up recommending a different BB to the user.. It wasn't XMB, and it wasn't GoDaddy, It was the combination of the two..

GoDaddy uses a completely separate secure server for its MySql hosting, so changes need to be made to the config.php file to address the proper server.. that's easy enough to find in the MySql CP on their site.. the problem came in with the URL for the forum..

No matter what we tried, XMB refused to accept the site URL.. It was a virtual hosting plan, so I tried using the actual Linux path for the address.. that didn't work either..

A call to GoDaddy was answered by a very friendly and professional tech that had no answers for our problem, but did offer to try doing the install from their end..

They had no luck.

So, as much as I like XMB (it's still in my top three list), it's not advisable to use it on a GoDaddy virtually hosted account.. If you have it working on such an account, I know a lot of folks that wanna know your secret..

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