Which software for a charity / bereavement forum


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Which software for a charity / bereavement forum

Not the nicest of subjects - but something that touches all of us. i am looking at setting up a site that may be a site but equally can be a forum. Where people who have lost family to an illness can post their pictures and add comments.

what software would be best for that use?

Many Thanks

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Re: Which software for a charity / bereavement forum

In my opinion, a forum is a good place for such situations.

Using a forum, people that read and share their sad experiences will be able to post pictures, comment and discuss with others. It will also be a nice way to recontact after some times about what happened in their life, using the same forum topic for example.

You indeed not particularly need a blog platform, because your users are not going to post regularly, and Twitter or other social networks are not particularly fitting your need, as what users post could be personal and not linked to their official profile.

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