Which forum should we use for our multigaming clan?


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Which forum should we use for our multigaming clan?

first of all, sorry for my bad english^^

Our clan is growing and untill now, we only used teamspeak, but we are enought that i thought we should create our own website but there are 2 problems, before i think about ordering one i tried to find good gaming designs for them and they should have alot of configuration thingy, such as a cms thingy, to add modules like a ts viewer

but for most of the forums i couldnt find good gaming designs Sad

i also know that there are these free clansite package builders such as "clansites.com dczp etc...but all of them got the same problem, the forum looks stupid and nearly nothing to customize

i thought about vbulletin, ipb or wbb but i couldnt manage to find good game designs for all of them, any hint?

and yes i know that my english sucks ^^


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