Suggest me good forum software


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Suggest me good forum software

Hi all Smile

This is my first post. I came here in suggestion of a forum software. Please suggest me correct one & I really don't care spending money

I am starting new forum just for students like me to share books, university papers, projects etc. It should be n00b friendly.

I felt xF is good compared to myBB, because of all eye candy. Firstly it looks very nice on eyes & it is simple for users. But I am a myBB user & know how to set up, which plugins to use etc.

And also it will be nice if it has social networking features. [Mynetwork in Mybb & default in xF, but about rest features I have no idea]

Can anyone tell me which is good ? Thanks in advance Smile

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Re: Suggest me good forum software

Well, seriously, I think you already found two really simple forum software, and it would be hard to define which one is the best for your case.

As far as I see, if you already know MyBB, it has a good advantage to be the main candidate. However if you really think Xenforo default theme will be more suited for your student community, then maybe you'll have to choose this one (as the most important is to convince your members, not you personally Wink

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