Searching a "simple looking" forum for my company...


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Searching a "simple looking" forum for my company...


I just discovered this website and find it fantastic. Exactly what I need to compare forums ! Thank you for your work.

I've been searching for a forum for my company. It's usage will be private and limited to 15 people. Of course, I started out with phpbb3 but wasn't fully convinced. I thought that I've found my 'precious' with MyBB (thanks to this website !) but my boss didn't like it.

Reason : it's too complex. Read : there's too much stuff going on on the screen. What he wants is basically just "Title, answers, day, hour, green dot if the message is unread". I'm a bit sketchy but you got the picture.

I'm not sure how to search now : should I search a very very simple board and stick to it or should I try a more complex one and theme it with a very light theme and hide most of the stuff we won't use ?

I'm kinda of afraid to go with a very simple tool and then one day, someone will say "wouldn't it be nice if..." and be stuck because that tool can't handle that desired feature. On the other hand, I don't know which one will be easier to "uncomplexify".

PS : In fact, the "Create forum topic" I'm writing in right now is kinda what I look for. Title, a few formatting button and that's it.
PS2 : BBPress kinda looks like what I need but I'm not sure about the all wordpress integration though...

Thanks for your help !


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