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Online community, clonable, customization

Hi everyone,

After looking for hours can't seem to find the best software for what we need:

We have an online community of about 2,500 people, growing with 600 - 1000 people yearly. Frontend is a blog/profile for each user and an active forum with about 50 topics. Back-end for users (volunteers travelling overseas) has many custom elements: fundraising tools, connect with your fellow travelers, manage blog, post photos, etc).

We are looking for software that can do all this, but also allows us to clone the whole community for other organizations: with their own user-base, theming, modules etc. Modules can be for all "subcommunities" but also specificly for one of them. A user is normally member of one of the subcommunities, but could be in more.

Ideally, we'd also want to create a "supercommunity" that merges all users, blogs, photos, videos, etc etc from all subcommunities on one website.

Other requirements are self-hosted, good api to connect to our backoffice, open-source, preferrably php, support community, etc.

I've looked at Drupal (which we use for our website), but user-friendly-ness is not really what we're looking for. Looked at Dolphin, wordpress/buddypress, phpfox, but just can't seem to find which one fits best.

Any tips, suggestions?

Thanks a lot!



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