Need a Webmaster consultant to mentor a noble cause....


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Need a Webmaster consultant to mentor a noble cause....

I don't care much about the looks, but I would like to have a couple of things. One is the ability for each thread to be moderated by the creator of that thread, and no one else, excepting for illegal things. The other is to be able to edit the posts after they are posted. Other than those two things plain vanilla seems to be fine with me. I don't know which software will allow these two things.

Then I would like to have a webmaster to be available as a kind of overseer of all this. My idea is to attract posters by giving them some authority over their own threads, so they have their little empire to tend to and develop and stay out of other peoples territory. Good idea?

I want to create a heavy traffic forum, which should be profitable in many ways. I also would like to have a website capacity so I can post my hundreds and hundreds of world saving articles. A multi media site would be great such as Yahoo, or CNN etc.

I want to promote a Young Peoples Agenda advocacy movement. I want to create a young peoples revolution in this country that extends across party lines and unites the Young 18-40 group in a common cause of stopping the Old People from ripping them off.

This is an ambitious plan, but it has to start somewhere and gather money and support as it snowballs. Any takers for this ambitious task? To start we have very little money and need to focus on raising funds to finance all this. Contact me at: FounderChurch@Gmail.Com


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