Need a simple system


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Need a simple system

Hello--I'm not sure this is the right place for my question but here goes--

I live in a small rural community that relies on a very simple, basic, and mostly effective BBS system called QuickTopic. But lately we've had some unacceptable posts from some users who are always anonymous. What would be great if there was a system with a voting feature where users could flag a post as unacceptable and then, when a preset vote count was reached (e.g., three) the post would be automatically removed. That way, the community could self monitor and a moderator would not have the extra burden (and time) of playing cop.

Again, the QT is very simple and effective for our needs except for the abuses. So there is not much need for bells and whistles. A simple chronological posting order is fine. The QT doesn't even have search capability and that's OK.

Another important feature would be to have it provided by a service that is very low cost ($50 to $100) a year where we don't have to get involved with any software other than some basic configuration and administration.

Is there anything out there that does what we need, especially the post voting/removal feature?



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