help, choose forum software for office!


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help, choose forum software for office!

I need to add forum in our company.

the needs, first, like SMF2.0/WWB, can
distingulish not all page marked as read, as I only open 1 page with single
topics(vb4,, phpwind can't). Second, can easy add users to continue notify
the reply msgs, under a topic, like phpwind (SMF2.x, VB4 can't). Third, all
in one, like vb4, no need too much job for plugin(SMF, phpwind can't).
Finally, easy to add users involve the topics, just by username, not
groupname/email, within single linelike phpwind(SMF2.x, vb4 can't). We hope
that the message are sure to aware by the "planned" users, and they can
continue know the totally msgs history till it end. And let users,
easy/relatively to know what is read/or not. Free or commerial package is
not our concern, but must fullfill our demands/expects.
For adjustment, and help WWB(woltlab) quite good and available to ask MOD..

Sir, any suggestion!
I really need help! thx a a alot!


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