Forum with Voting or Polling for Condo Complex


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Forum with Voting or Polling for Condo Complex

It looks like most forum software has a voting or polling feature, but I have not used any so would like to ask if anyone would have a recommendation. Thanks!

I would like for it to do this simple task:

  1. Users would be able to create a new post and pose a question to be voted on.
  2. Other users would then post their own comments in the thread as any forum software allows.
  3. Users would vote on the question (e.g. simple yes or no). The running tally would be displayed as users place their vote.
  4. The software would ensure that only registered users would be allowed to vote. Ideally, a user would be able to change their mind and change their vote and the tally would adjust, but it would still ensure 1 final vote per user.

Alternatively, if there is forum software designed for condo/home owner associations, that might be helpful as well.


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