Can't decide what forum software to use


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Can't decide what forum software to use

Ok, so I have been reading articles, comparing forums, and searching forums for quite some time and still can't decide. So now I would like YOUR input. I really like the User Interface of VBulletin but have heard a lot of bad things and don't want to get caught in a bad spot. So, here are my current (but not exhaustive) criteria:

1. Must have a video and photo link buttons - so that users can enter embedded photos/video directly into posts
2. Must have EDIT button - so users can edit their posts (after posting, for spelling errors/changes, etc)
3. Must have a VBulletin type QUOTE feature - where you can quote someone in your post (this is going to be a debate forum)
4. Must have flexible/viewable text editor - so that users can preview posts (like VBulletin)
5. It would be nice if the software was cheaper and/or free (as opposed to VB)
6. Must have user photos/usernames on LEFT SIDE of posts - as opposed to above
7. Must have thread ratings (i.e. - 1-5 stars)
8. Must have good SEO
9. Must have user status' capability (i.e. - Junior Member, Member, Senior Member, Administrator, God, etc)
10. Must not have too many bugs

If there are any other features I am NOT thinking of, please let me know.

I really like the Harmony Central forums, but those are VB and I'm currently looking for alternatives.

Thanks all!

I just can't decide!
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Re: Can't decide what forum software to use

It seems the best choice for this is phpbb3 and wordpress.

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