User Backends (for Web Gallery)


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User Backends (for Web Gallery)

Hello. I am anxious to use the World's Best Forum software and hope this can work here for me:
I have my own custom Web Gallery. I need a better solution, however, to my generic Web gallery's BACKEND (for better uploading, sorting, and deleting of my .jpeg images).
Do you have anything like this that I can install to work with my own Web Gallery with some/little tweaks?


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Re: User Backends (for Web Gallery)

Hi Michael!

What do you mean by user backend? Many web galleries supports direct integration of folders in your server (hence you don't have to upload your images one by one), and take the filename as image title.

We use here the Drupal image_import plugin, that helps us importing in batch screenshots of new reviewed softwares. We simply select the gallery, and then everything is automatically imported to the CMS.

Of course, if you are looking for a web gallery combined with a forum software, I would suggest you to use all-in-one products, like vBulletin or IPB gallery.

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