SMF 2.0 or VBulletin


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SMF 2.0 or VBulletin

Currently I am running SMF 2.0, and it is a really nice forum software. I pay the $50 a year for priority support.

I am thinking of switching to VBulletin 4.0, and getting the full package. Reason is, while SMF 2.0 is nice and works well, you have to add a bunch of mods to get it to work like vbulletin, most of which are standard features.

Every time I add a mod, it usually screws something else up which is constantly a pain. If you want nice mods, that actually work well, you end up spending $50 to $75.00 each anyway. Like I have ad seller pro, and download pro, $50.00 and $75.00 add on's. Other free mods are done by so many people and are really untested, and you can spend lots of time trying to get support.

Make sense? The people that run SMF are top notch, and friendly, but I am tired of all the long and drawn out hassles.

THis is why I would like some opinions on the changeover to VBulletin 4.0. For $285.00 and it does all I need, this is probably worth it. Is the switch / conversion easy? Worth it?

Now I did look at IP.Boards, which is nice, but they are plain too GREEDY. They want to charge you $150.00 for the main license, $75.00 for nexus, $65.00 for gallery, $50.00 for blog, $50.00 for downloads and $50.0 for content, Then it is another $105.00 every 6 months if you want support or updates for all of them. IP.Boards is nice, but it isn't that nice. It is a total greedy rip off.

Others that have changed from SMF 2.0, and why?

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Re: SMF 2.0 or VBulletin

Indeed, it makes sense. Mods and plugins are a very important part of your forum software, and are often way less secured than the forum package, simply because they are not officially supported, or provided by third parties, which clearly means: check it yourself.

In this case, more particularly if the plugins you are using have not the required quality (screwing everything each time they are updated is not something we can consider as "well implemented"), I would suggest you to find a forum software with all features bundled, or a forum software with officially supported plugins.

Hope it helps.

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