Question about quote posts


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Question about quote posts

Hi all,

I've recently created a Drupal website with a drupal forum. For the forum I'm using 'Advanced forum'. But I've got a problem with the Quote module.

When I quote a post, the quote is placed under the original post. Not under all the previous posts. Does anyone know how I can fix this? Obviously it works here, I want it just that way.

Many thanks in advance,


P.S. Don't pay attention to my English, I'm not a native language. Tongue

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Re: Question about quote posts

Have you refreshed your cache?

Usually, problems with message and comments formatting are due to the Input Format you use and its current settings. I would suggest you to rearrange and cleanup the filters you are using. For this, simply go to Input Formats -> List -> Filtered HTML (configure).

From here, you can disable several filters, to see if your problem is due to a bad interpretation of one of them. If nothing changes, click on the Rearrange tab to put Quote module at the last position. Actually, we use the following order here:

  1. URL filter
  2. HTML corrector
  3. HTML filter
  4. Line break converter
  5. GeSHi filter
  6. Quote filter
  7. Smileys filter

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