Problems with SMF 2.0


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Problems with SMF 2.0

I recently registered for SMF 2.0. Initially, I was in the admin section and could post, then I logged out. In logging back in, I had no admin button to make any changes and my log in no longer functioned although I had received an email from SMF confirming my user name and password. I went to the user group and found that many people had the same problems and at least in my case none of the solutions worked. How did SMF 2.0 get rated so highly?? I am completely disappointed and now have to look for a new forum.

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Re: Problems with SMF 2.0

Hi Ak and welcome to our new forum!

Have you tried to clean your browser cookies? Sometimes, your own password can be modified by your browser simply because Firefox and other browsers pre-fill passwords fields... The autocomplete attribute is there to avoid this kind of problem, and maybe SMF does not use it in some cases.

<input type="text" autocomplete="false" value="foo" />

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