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POS Software

Hello Friends,

If you looking best software for your stock management, Billit POS Solutions providing you a good software with excellent features like -

# Maintains incoming and out going stock
# You can create your own measurement units which prevail in your business (for example if you get your rice in KATTAs instead of kgs, you can define a katta=50 kgs and then enter 3 katta rice for ex.)
# Manages you recipes and calculate the food cost accordingly taking into account the price at which stock was procured.
# Very easy to use interface.
# Less than 5 minutes training needed- Guarantee
# Anyone can operate it, even if the person hasn't used a computer all his life and doesn't know English as a language as well, it suffices as soon as guy is able to read the restaurant menu.
# we have touch screen and a non-touch screen based options.
# all reports can tracked online, sitting anywhere
# you can create and run offers of all kinds (buy 1 get 1 free, happy hours, spl holiday discounts etc.)
# it has a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) built in, its a domino's style system which keeps the customer data, takes out the same as soon as you put his phone number and tracks his/her buying spree from restaurant so that you can run a customer loyalty program anytime.

still wanna know more, please leave you email id on our profile or give us a test mail on info@billit.in and we will reply you with our brochure.

you can also take a live online demo if needed.

our software is installed, serviced and maintain remotely from our back offices, 24X7

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Re: POS Software

We are talking about forum software here, hence, I close this topic.

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