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Most of the information in your review of XMB is wrong. Could you correct it?

  1. Javascript is not required.
  2. Thread Icons: Yes
  3. Forum Organization: Yes
  4. Sticky Threads: Yes
  5. Spell Checking: Yes
  6. Hot Topics: Yes
  7. Unread Topics: Yes
  8. Attachments: Yes
  9. Image Attachment: Yes
  10. Quick Reply Box: Yes
  11. Message Quoting: Yes
  12. Online Users List: Yes
  13. Bookmark Threads: Yes
  14. CAPTCHA: Yes
  15. Words Filtering: Yes
  16. User Blacklist: Yes
  17. Custom Thread Icons: Yes
  18. Moderator per section: Yes
  19. Global Moderator: Yes
  20. Move Threads: Yes
  21. Close/Lock Threads: Yes
  22. User Registration: Yes
  23. Several Administrators: Yes
  24. Forum/Section Restricted Access: Yes
  25. Mass Mailing: Yes
  26. Template Engine: Yes
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Re: Corrections

Hi Miqrogroove!

After your several attempts to join me, I finally fulfill your request: XMB review is updated!

See the news: or the review.

By the way, if you notice mistakes, do not hesitate to report them using the Contact form, or the forum.

FSR Admin - Vote for 2012.

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