Benefits of Managed Forum Hosting


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Benefits of Managed Forum Hosting

Managed Hosting Benefits

Managed hosting offers a variety of advantages to IT organizations and companies.

Managed hosting should not be treated as a one-size fits all solution as every customer’s particular infrastructure and needs are different. It is imperative that a provider work closely with each specific customer to determine what the right mix of managed hosting capabilities and technologies are for the specific environment.

To help you understand some of the advantages associated with managed hosting, we’ve created a Top 10 list of the benefits we hear most from our customers.
The Top 10 Benefits of Managed Forum Hosting from the Customer’s Viewpoint

Peace of mind. You don’t worry about the details of managing the platform, and network performance and availability are guaranteed in the SLA.
When the equipment breaks or needs repairs or maintenance, you don’t incur additional charges.
No need to pay for refreshing systems.
Your IT staff doesn’t have to worry about having support personnel onsite 24/7.
The learning curve for new enterprise-level equipment is eased. There is no longer the need to spend time and energy to understand and manage new hardware that would typically be placed into your own network.
Managed hosting solutions aren’t “one-size fits all.” You get a specialized solution to meet the particular needs of your company.
It is easier to deploy new platforms more quickly. There is no longer the need to validate new equipment when introducing hardware into your network.
There is always a live person on the phone when you need support. You always get alerts or a prompt phone call when something comes up. That tells you the provider is really keeping an eye on things.
For a company with a significant IT staff organization with many different business units and lots of technologies to support, being able to use a more customized managed hosting solution to match up to a set of specific needs makes everyone’s lives that much easier.
For a startup company, a major IT solution can be up and running without hiring more staff and without any significant capital expenditure involved – particularly when the company relies on venture funding and is not yet “in the black.”
You can accelerate global expansion through a managed hosting provider with a global footprint rather than building data centers in-house and having to manage employees and third-party providers.
You don’t have to worry about managing vendor relationships for standard hardware and software. The vendor handles this, and you never have to be bothered about it.
You get monitoring capabilities for your configurations.

Managed Hosting Benefits



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Re: Benefits of Managed Forum Hosting

A good write up. Smile

In addition to the benefits listed here, opting for a managed hosting service one can focus on core business operations and direct your funding to its continuity and expansion. One can avoid the need to staffing a team with technical expertise for managing their servers if you have a host that offers managed services. Wink

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