Questions on Forum Tool Architecture

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Questions on Forum Tool Architecture

I need some information about the HW/SW architecture of different Forum Tools. My immediate questions are below, but I was hoping there might be some good general reference material available.

1) Are the messages stored in System Files, or in the DataBase? Some system requirements I saw suggested much more memory available on the WebServer, making me think that the messages are stored there.

2) Does user authentication take place at the WebServer level, or are passwords stored in the DB?

Thank you in advance

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Re: Questions on Forum Tool Architecture

All forum tools use a database to store usernames and passwords. They simply do it because a database system is the most rapid system to access to the datas.

You will however find some alternatives, like SQLite, which is not a database, but just an API, which is able to parse and modify a file stored on the web server. In this case, data are stored in binary, but on the web server.

Hope it can help.

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