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Best Free
Forum Software

Why MyBB:

MyBB doubled it! After earning the best free forum software category of 2010, it was selected by 2294 readers as the best free forum of 2011. After a lively fight during the year against phpBB and YaBB, MyBB finished the course with a large gap (temporarily reduced due to a bot attack fortunately stopped ;)

MyBB can thank its really enthusiastic and dynamic community, providing more and more help, assistance and content (plugins, themes,...) to the MyBB team. With the next MyBB 2.0 in heavy development, we are confident that we will discuss about MyBB all over 2012 too!

Congratulations go to MyBB team!

Best Commercial
Forum Software

Why Woltlab Burning Board:

Burning Board, the renown forum product from Germany, finally reached the first place in the Best Commercial Forum Software category, with the impressive score of 2335 voters. Even if Burning Board is not the most known forum software all over the world, it is definitely a product that is worth it, and that provides a really great list of features and additional products around the Burning Board core.

There is only thing to say about this result: Congratulations!

Best Hosted
Forum Service

Why ProBoards:

For the first time, and with the brilliant score of 2635 voters (best performance among all categories), ProBoards is the winner of the Best Hosted Forum Software award of 2011.

The least we can say is that ProBoards definitely deserves this award, after a great score on its review and above all because of the huge community around this hosted forum.

ProBoards is a great hosting solution that provides forum pages for free to everyone since 2000, almost 12 years from now!

Congratulations to the ProBoards development team!

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Hello friends, First of all

Hello friends,
First of all as a part of mybb family I wish every one a very happy new year and congratulations for being the best forum software for 2nd successive year.
I am really proud to be a part of contributing to mybb in 2011

I wish we could see mybb grabbing the hatric with their 2.0 version,following this year.
All the best and thank you.

dr.envira Phani,
mybb ex-themer


Congrats MyBB We use it - and

Congrats MyBB

We use it - and we love it!



I found mybb suitable for my

I found mybb suitable for my small forum Laughing out loud


I still think for the best

I still think for the best paid forum software should be XENFORO!! Its ROCK and Solid forum software!!

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