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Best Free
Forum Software

Why MyBB:

MyBB finally got its award back for 2010! After an epic fight between phpBB (463 votes) and Simple Machines (527 votes), MyBB (1455 votes) was able to reach this great score, helped a bit by a really dynamic and enthusiastic community!

MyBB is getting more and more popular, and its extremely ease of installation and its increasing count of available plugins are clearly parts of the success.

Congratulations MyBB team!

Best Commercial
Forum Software

Why IP.Board:

Finally, Invision Power Board pushes vBulletin down from the throne, after 3 successive years.

Invision Power Board, and more particularly its major version 3 proves that forum and social networks are not two distinct worlds, and that forum technologies can evolve to embrace social networks.


Best Hosted
Forum Service

Why ZetaBoards:

After the beginning of the year lead by Lefora, Zetaboards finally got out and won this award with almost 60% of the voters.

This company, that also runs InvisionFree has a clear and good expertise in forum hosting and community supporting, and they deserve their award.

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PROBOARDS RULES. wweanimation

PROBOARDS RULES. wweanimation Star Star Star Star Star


MyBB is where it's at, yo.

MyBB is where it's at, yo. Congratulations to the team!





Yes of course Mybb is best i

Yes of course Mybb is best i m using my bb one of the best free software 2010-2011 i hope improve more then 2012 also My bb Smile
Keep it up good work My bb


ConnectBB is coming soon (new

ConnectBB is coming soon (new forum software).

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