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Re: error critico

Simple Machines News - Wed, 2017-06-21 23:32
¿Puedes dejar un enlace a tu foro para ver que le sucede exactamente?
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Re: error critico

Simple Machines News - Wed, 2017-06-21 23:27
O rayos, tumbaron mi foro  :'( , ya me esperaba, fui tonto en confiar en ese tipo, alguien me podria explicar como puedo recuperar mi foro? sale con una interface con mensajes y un favicon que han cambiado, nose como diablos hacen eso, alguien experto ...
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PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined function mb_strtolower() in upgrade-helper.p

Simple Machines News - Wed, 2017-06-21 23:01
Hi, I was trying to upgrade from 2.1 beta 2 and every time I get blank page on Step 3 (backup).

Error log shows error (in subject line).

I was playing with changing PHP versions in cPanel: 5.5, 5.6, 7.0, 7.1 but it didn't give any good results.

I also ...
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Re: Alpha Centauri

Simple Machines News - Wed, 2017-06-21 22:56
Try TP Admin > Front page,

Scroll down to layout types, and select,  Picture + Article 2

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Drupal Core - Multiple Vulnerabilities - SA-CORE-2017-003

Drupal News - Wed, 2017-06-21 18:44

Drupal 8.3.4 and Drupal 7.56 are maintenance releases which contain fixes for security vulnerabilities.

Download Drupal 8.3.4 Download Drupal 7.56

Updating your existing Drupal 8 and 7 sites is strongly recommended (see instructions for Drupal 8 and for Drupal 7). This release fixes security issues only; there are no new features nor non-security-related bug fixes in this release. See the 8.3.4 release notes and the 7.56 release notes for details on important changes and known issues affecting this release. Read on for details of the security vulnerabilities that were fixed in this release.

  • Advisory ID: DRUPAL-SA-CORE-2017-003
  • Project: Drupal core
  • Version: 7.x, 8.x
  • Date: 2017-June-21
  • Multiple vulnerabilities
Description PECL YAML parser unsafe object handling - Critical - Drupal 8 - CVE-2017-6920

PECL YAML parser does not handle PHP objects safely during certain operations within Drupal core. This could lead to remote code execution.

File REST resource does not properly validate - Less Critical - Drupal 8 - CVE-2017-6921

The file REST resource does not properly validate some fields when manipulating files. A site is only affected by this if the site has the RESTful Web Services (rest) module enabled, the file REST resource is enabled and allows PATCH requests, and an attacker can get or register a user account on the site with permissions to upload files and to modify the file resource.

Files uploaded by anonymous users into a private file system can be accessed by other anonymous users - Moderately Critical - Drupal 7 and Drupal 8 - CVE-2017-6922

Private files that have been uploaded by an anonymous user but not permanently attached to content on the site should only be visible to the anonymous user that uploaded them, rather than all anonymous users. Drupal core did not previously provide this protection, allowing an access bypass vulnerability to occur. This issue is mitigated by the fact that in order to be affected, the site must allow anonymous users to upload files into a private file system.

The security team has also received reports that this vulnerability is being exploited for spam purposes, similar to the scenario discussed in PSA-2016-003 for the public file system.

Versions affected
  • Drupal core 7.x versions prior to 7.56
  • Drupal core 8.x versions prior to 8.3.4

Install the latest version:

Also see the Drupal core project page.

Reported by PECL YAML parser unsafe object handling File REST resource does not properly validate Files uploaded by anonymous users into a private file system can be accessed by other anonymous users Fixed by PECL YAML parser unsafe object handling File REST resource does not properly validate Files uploaded by anonymous users into a private file system can be accessed by other anonymous users Contact and More Information

The Drupal security team can be reached at security at drupal.org or via the contact form at https://www.drupal.org/contact.

Learn more about the Drupal Security team and their policies, writing secure code for Drupal, and securing your site.

Follow the Drupal Security Team on Twitter at https://twitter.com/drupalsecurity

Drupal version: Drupal 7.xDrupal 8.x
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The Future of Online Forums

Vanilla News - Wed, 2017-06-21 13:00

Technically speaking, a forum is defined as “an assembly, meeting place, etc., for the discussion of questions of public interest.” Certainly, there’s no argument that the internet is THE place to talk and ask questions about any topic of interest you might dream up.

But in reality, a forum is so much more than that. It’s a community, a school of learning. It can be a warm and welcoming family, or a cruel and exclusive club.

Whatever the experience is for you, it’s undeniable that, as the Internet grows and changes around us, internet users are still harkening back to mankind’s initial jaunt into the world of forums To make it in the forum community means that you must be stronger than ever, and likewise evolve to keep up with the times.

So where do we go from here? The future of internet forums is a hot topic debate amongst the internet’s finest minds. They’re asking themselves: are forums on their way out, like so many other internet trends; or are they the way of the future? Shouldn’t you be asking yourself the same question?

Relatable, Real-World Content

It seems almost counterintuitive to revisit technology developed decades ago, but today people are all about streamlining content. Most of the time, doing a quick internet search of a few key words and having the answer at your fingertips is all that people desire. That’s exactly what the forums of the past gave us, and that’s exactly why we’re turning back to them today. Simplicity.

Does a question have you stumped? There’s no better way to find the answer than to locate a forum about that specific topic. From cooking to tech-help, plumbing to customer service, there’s a forum for practically anything you can imagine. And within those forums are communities of people who are either eager to help you out, or have already encountered that question themselves and have lined out step-by-step instructions on how to go about resolving your issues.

We’ve discussed this type of self-service support in the past, and it’s becoming increasingly relied upon by brands of all sizes. Take it from the e commerce logistics giant, ShipStation, that has benefitted greatly from this type of use, reducing the strain on their ticketing system while creating a bustling community:

“Our clients don’t have to go through our ticketing system, they can help each other out, especially the easy or opinion questions like ‘What kind of label printers do you use?’, which is actually one of our most popular threads right now!”  Erika Jarvi, Social Media and Content Manager, ShipStation, mentions.

Of course, it isn’t just about the business’ bottom line. It’s about giving your customers what they want. A whopping 67% of consumers say they’d rather use this type of self-service forum support rather than contact a company directly via phone or email. Wouldn’t you?

Public or Private?

Social media may have a monopoly on online communities, but more and more brands and organizations are turning to forum software for their own internal usage.

Organizational, internal communities have been used by companies such as Royal Caribbean to coordinate multiple departments, improve communication and streamline other areas of their business.

Clothing giant Patagonia has also created a private forum for employees and brand ambassadors to communicate with their product testers in the field. According to field testing leader, Walker Ferguson, “Everyone from advanced product development to sales benefit from the feedback gathered. It gives everyone the ability to stand behind what they are making and selling.”

The Future looks Bright

Like all things on the internet, forums have undergone both a revolution and an evolution. As the global push towards mobile devices continues, forum platforms have also made changes to deliver a truly great mobile experience.

Some workflow and efficiency apps have tried to incorporate a forum-like atmosphere to their platforms. But while there are many things to love about such platforms, it’s important to know that collaboration software ultimately fails as a community tool. That’s just not what it was made to do.

Let there be no doubt: internet forums will continue to evolve. More brands are building internal communities to bring an organized, streamlined approach to their business. Likewise, external communities are popping up everywhere to connect consumers with the brands they love.

In many ways, it’s simply a matter of using the right tool for the right job. When it comes to building a community, whether of employees or fans and followers, internet forums are still the best tool to have.

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Growing community in Moldova

Drupal News - Tue, 2017-06-20 16:03

This guest blog post is from Drupal Moldova's Association (not affiliated with Drupal Association). Get a glimpse of what is happening in Moldova's community and how you can get involved.

Drupal Moldova Association’s mission is to promote Drupal CMS and Open Source technologies in Moldova, and to grow and sustain the local community by organising Events, Camps, Schools, Drupal meetups and various Drupal and Open Source related trainings, and by establishing partnerships with Companies, the Government, and NGO’s.

Come and share your expertise in Moldova at our events! We're looking for international speakers to speak about Drupal and open source.

Among DMA’s (short for Drupal Moldova Association) numerous commitments, the following are of special importance:

  • to gather the community around Drupal and Open Source technologies;

  • to train students and professionals who want to learn and work with Drupal;

  • to organise events to keep the community engaged and motivated to improve, learn, and share experience;

  • to make sure Drupal is accessible to everyone by offering scholarships to those who can't afford our programs;

  • to elaborate a well defined program that helps students learn Drupal, acquire enough knowledge to get accepted for internships by IT companies, and be able to build Drupal powered websites;  

  • to assist new IT companies in establishing a local office, promote themselves, collaborate with other companies, and connect with the local Drupal community by giving them the opportunity to support our projects.

Over the last 5 years, we have been dedicated to achieving our goals! DMA have organized over 20 projects and events, including Drupal Global Training Days, Drupal Schools, and the regional DrupalCamp -- Moldcamp. Our projects have gathered over 700 local and international participants and speakers, and more than 15 International Companies that have supported us during these years (FFW, Adyax, IP Group, Intellix, Endava and many others).

Moldova is rich in great developers and people driven to take initiative and to grow and place the country on the world map. We are aiming to go beyond our limits and have a bigger impact in the year (‘17-’18), therefore we have created a yearly plan that contains projects similar to those we have done in the past years, as well as new and exciting ones:

  • Drupal School (3 step program), starting with Drupal School 8 plus PHP (step 1):  Drupal School is an educational program - split into 2 months, 25 courses of different levels (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced).Drupal School aims to introduce people to Drupal 8 and PHP, and help them become Drupal professionals;

  • Moldcamp 2017: Sep - Oct 2017. A regional DrupalCamp that gathers around 150 Drupal professionals, enthusiasts, beginners and any-Drupal-related-folk in one place for knowledge-sharing, presentations, networking, etc. We will announce the event soon and allow speaker registration. Please follow us and don’t miss out on the opportunity;

  • Drupal Global Training Day: Dec 1-2. A one-day workshop that has the purpose of introducing people to Drupal, both code and community.

  • Drupal Meetups: These are organized each month and they allow our community to be active and share knowledge.

  • Tech Pizza: - Jun, Aug, Oct, Dec. A bi-monthly event, where the ICT community can gather in a casual and an informal environment around a pizza and  soda and discuss the latest IT trends and news. The core of this event is a speaker / invitee from abroad with a domain of expertise;

  • Moldova Open Source Conference: March 2018. It is a regional conference for over 200 participants that aims to gather all the Open Source Communities (Wordpress, Laravel, Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, etc.) under one roof, where they will attend sessions that enhance the expertise of existing experts in various Open Source technologies and allow them to mix their technologies into new ideas.

The proposed program “Drupal and Open Source in Moldova 2017 - 2018” is made possible through the support of USAID and the Swedish Government. Thanks to these organizations we can focus on the quality of our projects make sure they happen as planned. Also, we have a very important partnership with Tekwill / Tekwill Academy, which helps us even more in our quests.

We start with School of Drupal 8 plus PHP program, which will be held on 19th of June 2017. So far we have 3 sponsors--IPGroup, Adyax and Intellix--and two trainers.

We, The DMA, believe in pushing the limits! Our long term goal is to build and maintain big an active Open Source community by attracting more local and International participants to our Projects and Events, and continuously improve our sessions. This will make our presence felt in the global Drupal and Open Source communities and markets. Find us on Twitter @drupalmoldova, or on our Facebook page. If you are interested in speaking in Moldova, contact us at info@drupalmoldova.org.

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[Gaming] ASO Quick Guide for Mobile Games in 2017

Vanilla News - Tue, 2017-06-20 13:00

Hundreds of games are launched on marketplaces like iOS & Google Play every day. The primary challenge of indie game developers, therefore, is in being discovered. Without a massive budget and strategy to acquire 5 to 10,000 users per day, it is highly unlikely that your game will be featured in any major category.

Thankfully, smart marketers and developers with less robust budgets can maintain equally substantive numbers through the careful employment of App Store Optimization (ASO).

ASO isn’t as simple as optimizing your marketplace listing and waiting for your game’s ranking to rise higher. The rules that govern it change every day. The laws that worked yesterday may not yield the same results today, and it’s up to you to evolve your marketing strategy in response.

Is there an easier way to go about it? Search online and you’ll see that many tools and experts have tried to conquer ASO once and for all. But how many actually deliver the results you need? Are they worth the investment? You may find a ton of information on optimizing your game’s name, images, description and so on. But none of them can replace the four pillars of ASO.

If App Store Optimization is your key marketing strategy this year, focus on the following four factors for success:

  1. Keyword Research
  2. Localisation
  3. Monitoring
  4. Ratings and Reviews

Let’s examine each in turn.

1. Keyword Research

Writing compelling copy for your marketplace description is an obvious step in ASO. But to do so, thorough keyword research is necessary. Can this be done quickly and efficiently?

The fastest and perhaps most reliable way to dig up unique keywords is by studying your competition. Tools like AppAnnie will help you identify important information, like where your competition ranks for different keywords, what categories their game has featured in, and some historical ranks as well.

You can also brainstorm possible keywords your target gamer will search for when looking for a game like yours. To do this, use tools like Google Keyword Planner, Uber Suggest, and Recommended Keywords by Apple Search Ads. Although these tools may not give you exact keyword data from app stores, they can help you easily identify better keywords and expand the number of your brainstormed keywords.

Once you have a list of possible keywords, find out what the competition for each keyword looks like. It’s common sense that a simple keyword like ‘magic’ would have high competition, whereas ‘card magic tricks’ would have less competition and be simpler to rank for. Look for long tail keywords with decent traffic, rather than those one or two words with high competition.

At the end, you should have at least 10-15 keywords that are related to your game. It’s good to start small. Build traffic of about 50 to 100 visitors per day and then optimize your game further for better and more competitive keywords. And remember: don’t let your ASO be dominated by just one keyword! Because if it doesn’t work, you have to do everything all over again.

And don’t overstuff, either. If you have less than 500 words of app store description, do not stuff your keywords more than five times, especially in the play store. There are other ways of going about it. For example, with the app store you can add keyword metadata even though the description doesn’t directly matter in the getting ranked. Obviously, the intricacies of various marketplaces must be fully understood before you plan your ASO strategy, but it will certainly pay off in the end.

2. Localisation

Once you have healthy optimization for your game listing in the United States and English-speaking countries, the immediate next step is to seek international opportunities through localization.

To  localize your game, you must have the images, game UI, and every major text in the marketplace listing translated to local language. Take a look at your store stats and make a list of the top 5 non-English countries where you are doing good or even just okay for certain keywords. Then hire some professional translators via Upwork, or approach some expert localization agencies to get the work done. You will find instant progress in the number of downloads overall, and you might even discover that you’ve tapped into a better user base in Asian countries.

3. Monitoring

And here is where most developers fail: monitoring the results. It makes no sense to put so much effort into ASO and then not keep a close watch on post-ASO performance.

Using analytics tools, it’s quite easy to keenly observe your data and use this insight in your decision making and improve your ASO.

If only 3 of your 15 keywords are doing well, you should either try harder for other keywords or replace them with an entirely new set of keywords. Experiment with different screenshots and see which works better than others. Try different description copies, too, and see which one helps you push conversion rates from 40% to 50%. And so on.

Unmonitored ASO is as good as not having an ASO strategy at all. So collect as much information as you can, and pay attention to how your decisions affect your rankings.

4. Ratings & Reviews

The fourth and most important pillar of ASO is maintaining good ratings. Most apps in the top 100 have an average rating of 4 stars. When your game has a number of positive ratings and reviews, users  will automatically trust in the quality of your game, download it and even recommend it if all else go well.

Sure, at the earliest stage you might get some negative or criticizing reviews. But as a content creator, you must find an opportunity in bad reviews to improve your game for the long term. Keep a close eye on crashes, reports and bugs discovered by users. It will do both you and your game a lot of good to politely reply to complaints from frustrated users as well as their suggestions, making it clear that you hear them, and are working on or have already improved the issue raised.

Intelligently prompt users by gently ‘asking for reviews’. Please don’t beg for reviews, as it is unprofessional and hampers the user experience. It’s also good practice to Ask users after a certain duration, rather than asking every second day.

Sometimes, users may be unwilling to rate your game for one reason or another. This is the precise moment  to kindly ask for suggestions. Smart prompts like these minimize the chances of scoring a bad review.

And for the many users who don’t have time to rate your game? Adopting a data analytics tool like Flurry can identify user behaviour and how they interact with various parts of your game. What a great help.

In the end, ASO done right can keep your conversion rate high, attract new users and help you maintain better ratings.Ultimately, better user experience is key for achieving success with ASO.

With newer technologies and valuable competition analysis tools, ASO is becoming a measurable way of marketing in 2017. What are your thoughts on where ASO is heading? Share with us in the comments section below!

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Re: Wide A Responsive Theme for SMF 2.0.11

Simple Machines News - Mon, 2017-06-19 23:32
Quote from: veruskapt on Today at 01:27:34 PMQuote from: VJA on June 02, 2017, 10:29:44 AM   I get the following error upon trying to install SMF 2.0.14 

        Execute Modification   ./Th...
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Re: Can't post unicode emoji

Simple Machines News - Mon, 2017-06-19 23:13
I'm not sure but I genuinely don't see how that snippet works correctly. Maybe it ends up doing the same as the 2.1 equivalent change
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Re: Well, heck....

Simple Machines News - Mon, 2017-06-19 22:57
Ok... so.. performed said suggestions by SOLiver. The hosting service (NameCheap) offers plug-ins such as SMF, so thinking that my backups aren't actually the program itself, I loaded that. I'm terribly simple when it comes to this stuff.. everything i...
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Building A Better Branded Community: Top 4 Tips

SocialEngine News - Mon, 2017-06-19 18:00

The digital age offers deeper connections between companies and consumers. Social media platforms opened the communication lines, and branded community establishment fortifies relationships. Branded communities are appealing to informed consumers who want to feel further alignment with a company or organization. Companies hosting branded communities benefit through deeper customer insight and prospect conversion. Here are the top 4 tips to building and maintaining a better branded community:

Truly Know Your Audience

To target your branded community audience, it is important to truly understand your company’s role in their life. While your mission and company pride are important, it is not enough to merely know that you value your product or cause. You must also know why your audience values your product or cause. Address your audience members in a way that is meaningful to them. Speak to them regarding issues that matter to them, and how your product or cause aligns with their lifestyles.

Engage With Questions AND Statements

Avoid only addressing your audience in announcement fashion. Be part of the conversation to add depth and further dialogue.  You should certainly answer questions as they arise, but also take time to respond to statements with additional insight, ask questions back, and keep the discussion going!

Uplift Your Advocates

You will easily identify the advocates within your branded community. These members are invaluable to your company—make sure they feel important. As in any relationship, actions are an effective way to convey your feelings. Show appreciation for your advocates through @mentions, shares, incentives, and messages! A happy advocate is a continued advocate.

A Community Is Not A Commercial

Your community will value new information from your company, but they could get that from your Facebook, Twitter, and banner ads. Information to your branded community should add depth to your company’s value and relevance. Search for positive blog posts and articles referencing your brand, and share this information to offer additional perspectives along with news and updates.

Thanks for dropping by and taking the time to read up on how you can effectively build your community. Let us know if you have any questions! Also, if you have any ideas on how to start your own social network, our SocialEngine software can help you get there. Check out our free trial and see what SocialEngine can do for you.

The post Building A Better Branded Community: Top 4 Tips appeared first on SocialEngine.

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Game Industry News – Top Stories in Gaming Last Week

Vanilla News - Mon, 2017-06-19 13:18

Want to find out what happened last week in gaming? Our gaming writer Chris provides you with last week’s updates. 

Who benefits from a trailer-heavy E3? (Hint: It’s not the gamers)


Another year, another E3. As always, energy and expectations are as high as can be, and nothing pulls a crowd quite like an entertaining and shareable trailer. EA, Ubisoft, and Bethesda all stood out this year with particularly remarkable videos revealing Anthem, Beyond Good & Evil 2, and Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus, respectively. But why invest in videos for an in-person event?

Compared to a traditional presentation, not only are trailers fantastic for gathering analytics, but they can also freely mislead buyers into expecting an unreasonable high calibre of content. Trailers are also natural in the digital space, with more social ads going to video to benefit both content creators and distributors.

Once these industry players achieve critical mass, events like E3 turn into massively powerful distribution opportunities. Expect to see these trailers around the web for the foreseeable future, but don’t be surprised for the inevitable backlash when they’re compared to actual gameplay.

Riot Spreads to India

Riot Games, the creator of the massively popular League of Legends, has just unveiled their new office in New Delhi to address the needs of their local player base. While certain communities may be limited by language barriers, well-designed games transcend verbal communication, creating a need for global support when the player base justifies it. The numbers are enough proof that an investment in the region has very high potential as New Delhi alone has almost 25 million residents.

Most games support globalization to the extent of languages offered in school: English (or Chinese), Spanish, and a handful of European languages. India is a diverse country where many different languages are commonly used in addition to the majority English and Hindi.

By offering dedicated and local support to a massive community, not only will player life cycles extend but player acquisition will grow thanks to the appeal of what feels like local support.

Humble Bundle Releases Humble Trove to Address “On-Demand” Gaming

Humble Bundle, a beloved and highly-regarded distribution service for digital distribution, pay-what-you-want games, and charity support, has recently announced Humble Trove, a subscription service for unlimited game access. Thanks to the great success of Netflix and other media subscription services, Humble Bundle is one of the best innovators to bring this to the game industry.

For $12 a month, subscribers get a monthly curated collection of DRM-free games. While subscription services have previously failed for games, it’s exciting to see how Humble Trove does when built off of the popularity, positive reputation, and success of Humble Bundle.

Let us know if there are any important news that should be on here by commenting below. 

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Re: cannot log into forums; "session timed out"

Simple Machines News - Sat, 2017-06-17 23:29
Always a pleasure to help, you're welcome

Topic marked as solved.
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Personalizar ficha de perfil y Me gusta en post

Simple Machines News - Sat, 2017-06-17 23:24
Hay algún mod con que se pueda personalizar los datos del perfil al ver un post como se ve en la imagen? y tambien quisiera el de los me gusta de los post.

Is there a mod with which you can customize profile data when viewing a post as seen in the imag...
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Re: cannot log into forums; "session timed out"

Simple Machines News - Sat, 2017-06-17 23:19
Yes! This worked!

I'm so relieved it was such a simple fix.

Thank you very much for taking the time to point me to the right topic!
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Re: Creating 'drop down menu' of reply/ respond buttons in thread view

Simple Machines News - Sat, 2017-06-17 22:58
Yes and it's reused in a lot of places...
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In the EU and Shopping for Community Software? These Data Protection Rules Affect You.

Vanilla News - Fri, 2017-06-16 13:00
11 points to consider when applying the E.U. Data Protection Directive

The E.U. Data Protection Directive (officially Directive 95/46/EC) aims to give citizens of the European Union control of their private data. It is a fundamental element of E.U. privacy and human rights law. All E.U. members states must incorporate these guidelines into their national laws.

If you are a community manager in the E.U. looking for community software, here are the answers to some questions you might have:

Q1: What is the Data Protection Directive all about?

A1: The full text of the Directive 95/46/EC can be found on the E.U.R-Lex website, and a comprehensive summary can be found via Wikipedia.

In essence, however, the Directive regulates both the manual and automated processing of personal data within 4 main contexts. Specifically:

  • Scope
    Data that can identify a person should not be processed (collected, stored) unless there is a legitimate reason.
  • Transparency, Purpose and Proportionality
    The controller (the entity processing the data) should identify themselves and can only process data if consent is provided, and then, only for the purpose specified. Extra restrictions apply to sensitive personal data.
  • Supervisory Authority and Public Register
    Controllers must let the local government know about their data processing activities. For example, a French company would log onto http://cnil.fr and fill out a form. This registration will go away in May 2018 when the reforms to the DPA come into effect.
  • Transfer of Data to Third Countries (countries outside the E.U.)
    You can’t transfer personal data to another country unless that country has similar data protection rules in place. For example, Canada’s Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) is considered to administer sufficient protection, which means that data can therefore be moved to Canada.
Q2: What kind of personal data is captured by community software?

A2: This depends on the platform. Most platforms allow you to create detailed member profiles. At a minimum you will be capturing the member’s username, email address and IP address. This data is considered personal information.

Q3: What is ‘sensitive personal data’?

A3: The Directive specifies sensitive data as relating to racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs, trade-union membership, and health or sex life. Processing sensitive data requires stronger protection from the data controller.

Q4: What about the content my community members post in public? Is that personal data?

A4: The Directive was drafted before the explosion of user-generated content (UGC) and doesn’t appear to comprehensively address it. Here are some best practices to help community members better understand how their content will be used:

  • Warn members to whom posted content will be visible (e.g., registered members, public).
  • Warn members if their content will be indexed by search engines.
  • Discourage members from posting sensitive personal information.
  • Allow members to participate in the community pseudonymously.
  • Delete member profiles and content upon request (The Right to Erasure).

Be sure to include these warnings and disclosures in your privacy policy and community guidelines.

Q5: If I use cloud-based community software, who is the data controller? Is it me or my vendor?

A5: The data controller is the institution or body that determines the purposes and means of processing the personal data (that means you). Your vendor is a processor. Currently, the rules only impose direct compliance obligations on the controller but the new rules coming in 2018 will also impose obligations on processors. You, as the controller, have ultimate responsibility for protecting your community member’s data.

Q6: Can I use a community vendor from the United States?

A6: Yes, however, you must choose between the following two options:

  • Either the vendor processes the personal data inside the E.U. and never transfers it to the U.S., or,
  • The vendor (or the vendor’s hosting company) is self-certified and registered under Privacy Shield with a data transfer agreement in place that uses the standard contractual clauses (SCC) issued by the European Commission. (See Q7 and Q8 below.)
Q7: What should be in the data transfer agreement?

A7: This agreement must set out obligations by you (the data exporter) and the vendor (the data importer). Obligations include things such as data security and granting the same data protection as set out in the E.U. Data Protection Directive.

Q8: What was Safe Harbor and what is Privacy Shield?

A8: Safe Harbor was a means by which U.S. companies could transfer data from the E.U. to the United States. E.U. courts struck down Safe Harbor after the Edward Snowden leaks revealed the the U.S. government was accessing E.U. citizens’ Facebook data without consent. Privacy Shield is a new but very similar framework that tightens up some requirements, greater government supervision and more oversight of law enforcement’s access to data.

Q9: What is the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)?

A9: GDPR is a reform to the Data Protection Directive that comes into effect in May 2018. Here are the major differences:

  • A unified set of rules across the European Union. Local governments will need to apply the law uniformly and there will be one E.U. supervisory authority.
  • A broader definition of personal data.
  • Opt-in required and greater transparency of how data will be used.
  • Mandatory notification to people when their data is breached.
  • Steeper fines for breaking the rules.
  • Larger companies will need to designate a Chief Privacy Officer.

Community managers, you might want to check with the person responsible for the company privacy policy to make sure your community data collection and processing is properly disclosed.

Q10: What about Cookies?

A10: Delicious with milk. The law currently says you must provide notification that you are using cookies via pop-up. Some media reports have suggested that this may soon change. Your community software uses cookies to remember user information (such as which posts have been read) but isn’t used to track users across the internet. That sort of cookie is present on your community website (and therefore completely under your control) if you serve up ads or run any sort of tracking campaign.

Q11: My Facebook page is part of my community. Do I need to worry about data protection?

A11: Your company Facebook page and the data it contains isn’t owned by your company, it’s owned by Facebook. Facebook is the data controller and must abide by local laws when processing data.

*This blog post provides an overview of E.U. data protection rules for companies considering the purchase of cloud-based software. It is not intended as legal advice. Obtain legal counsel if you have any concerns about legal compliance.

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