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A Bit of History

I've originally developed Forum Software Reviews since May 2006, because, at this time, a website that would compare and review existing forum software solutions was lacking on Internet. Indeed, it was (and it is still) really hard to be able to choose the right forum software that will match all our needs.


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Forum Software Reviews is edited by WebPrism Consulting scs.

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Author: Nicolas Ternisien <nicolas.ternisien@gmail.com>

Founder of Forum Software Reviews - Main contributor of Forum Software Reviews, in terms of content (reviews, articles, live demonstrations), web design, moderation and technical points. See his Resume.

Editorial Policy

The goal of Forum Software Reviews is to provide a neutral and entirely independent point of view on forum softwares. Each software is described in terms of features and on what distinguish it make it unique compared to other solutions. The score (a mark on 10, and a number of stars) given to each forum software is however not based on a strict policy, because, of course, an opinion is always subjective and could evolve in the time. This information is recalled at each review conclusion, and this score is well counter balanced by users scores, that helps readers to do not take the Forum Software Reviews score only into account.

Forum softwares could not be compared based on their score, as it would never give the final tip to the readers that look for the perfect forum software. This could be possible only by comparing features and specific points, and of course, with user experiences, that could be provided with Live Demonstrations and Community Forum.

Of course, some articles and reviews could contain some unintentional errors or mistakes (due to lack of times, reviewer error, or evolution of the software since the review). These errors could be reported to the Contact Form and are generally fixed in the next days. I particularly advice forum software developers to sometimes check the review page of the software they are involved in, to be sure that the content is correct.

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