#1 PhpBB 3 #2 MyBB #3 Nabble #4 IPBoard
Yes Yes Yes Yes
Yes Yes Yes Yes
Yes Yes No Yes
No. No. No. No.
Flat Flat/Threaded Flat/Threaded Flat/Threaded
Yes Yes No Plugin
Plugin Yes Yes Yes
Yes Yes Plugin Yes
Yes Yes Yes Yes
Yes Yes No Yes
Yes Yes Yes Yes
GPL License GPL License Proprietary License Proprietary License
Yes Yes Yes Yes
User Reviews
8.4/10 (831 votes)
21 User Reviews
9.2/10 (1991 votes)
96 User Reviews
8.7/10 (49 votes)
3 User Reviews
7.4/10 (366 votes)
31 User Reviews

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New Feature: Community Size Average

The new features list is increasing again! Each forum software has now a recommended community size, where it is know that the software will deliver its best performance and will be able to support this kind of load charge.

Obviously, if a product is able to manage a Large Community, it could also support smaller communities.

Community Size Average Screenshot

All forum softwares have been updated, and you can therefore discover the above chart on the first page of each reviews.

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New Feature: Recommended Plugins

We have just released some new improvements to Forum Software Reviews for completing more and more each forum reviews. We have added new fields, more particularly for User Management, Moderation and Security categories, and these information should help you decide if a forum software could suit your needs in terms of security.

We also have added a new section, called Recommended Plugins, that lists modules and modifications we highly recommend for a particular forum software. This is notably important when a software is voluntarily quite simple and has a powerful extension system, that let users exactly choose the features they need from the plugins library. This new section is somehow a digest of the sometimes really large list of existing plugins.

Plugins and Themes Screenshot

MyBB is the first review we've updated with this kind of information, and we hope it will be a nice additional information. Please note that, of course, the forum comparator has been updated as well.

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PunBB 1.3 Official Styles

The PunBB team has announced the end of the development of the 5 official themes for PunBB 1.3. These themes keep the classic layout and simplicity that ensured the success of this good forum software.

PunBB Style Carbon PunBB Style Oxygen PunBB Style Web 2.0
Carbon Oxygen Web 2.0
PunBB Style Copper PunBB Style Informer  
Copper Informer  
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IP.Board Review and Live Demonstration Available

IP.Board has just been reviewed and you can consult the 4 pages of this article on IP.Board Review.

An updated version has been installed as well to let you test and discover this software via the IP.Board Live Demonstration.

One of the most famous commercial and powerful forum software has just been reviewed here: IP.Board. It finally completes the list of major softwares that were not available, and we are really proud to review the most advanced tools made by Invision Power.

Invision Power Services Screenshot

We would also like to thank the Invision Power team for providing a free license to Forum Software Reviews, in order to review the software.

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