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Ocultar emails

Simple Machines News - 1 hour 7 min ago
Hola, necesito ocultar el email en la lista de usuarios y de los perfiles de usuarios a personas que no sean admins, como lo puedo hacer?
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Re: Some users are not getting notifiactions any more

Simple Machines News - Sat, 2017-01-21 23:18
Hi vbgamer45,

thanks for replying...

Quote from: vbgamer45 on Today at 01:11:59 PMWhat type of email is your webmaster from email set under server settings?  such as hotmail gmail yahoo etc?
Default PHP

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Re: Spam de bot

Simple Machines News - Sat, 2017-01-21 23:17
Quote from: Paulo.chon on January 16, 2017, 04:30:25 PMQuote from: P???? LF on January 15, 2017, 08:23:00 AMsalut,

par exemple, ici j'aimerais interdire les inscription avec @mail.ru si je vais dans...
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Re: [2.0.12] Cannot post tables in messages anymore due to [h r] in table

Simple Machines News - Sat, 2017-01-21 22:49
Quote from: Antes on January 06, 2017, 09:34:39 PMPlease test the issue again in SMF 2.0.13 if you are having issue open a new topic with [SMF 2.0.13] tag on topic.

Thank you.
Fixed.  Thank you!
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Re: permissions Aeva Media en fonction du groupe permament

Simple Machines News - Sat, 2017-01-21 22:35

en fait, j'avais zappé un onglet complet des paramétrages d'Aeva... dans" Profil de permissions : Profil par défaut"

C'était donc bien un défaut de réglage d'Aeva.

Merci Maximus.

Bonne soirée

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Re: "Unknown system variable 'SQL_MAX_JOIN_SIZE'"

Simple Machines News - Fri, 2017-01-20 00:37
could be the problem becouse i run a incorrect query at first?
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Re: "Unknown system variable 'SQL_MAX_JOIN_SIZE'"

Simple Machines News - Fri, 2017-01-20 00:34
Ok. So, i did it well.get this message now on the converter
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Re: "Unknown system variable 'SQL_MAX_JOIN_SIZE'"

Simple Machines News - Fri, 2017-01-20 00:33
just those tables.
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Re: "Unknown system variable 'SQL_MAX_JOIN_SIZE'"

Simple Machines News - Fri, 2017-01-20 00:30
Done. refresh the page , and get this message:

Converting posts...
Duplicate entry '570274' for key 'PRIMARY'

Must i have to run the queries with all the tables selected or just only the smf_messages and smf_boards?
(i did it only selecti...
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Re: "Unknown system variable 'SQL_MAX_JOIN_SIZE'"

Simple Machines News - Fri, 2017-01-20 00:27
Run both then refresh again.
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Why Online Community-Based Customer Support Will Rise in 2017

Vanilla News - Thu, 2017-01-19 14:00

With a new year comes new scrutiny over which marketing efforts are working and which need to be cut. For a community manager, that means yet another opportunity to justify your existence (and your salary!) to your superiors.

Here’s at least one reason for them to keep you around this year: online community-based customer support.

In the past, companies have engaged with digital channels (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) as if they were glorified customer support lines. While that won’t completely go away, I believe this year will show a steady rise in community-based support.

In the next couple of days, I’ll suggest some ways in which community managers can capitalize on this shift. But first, I want to give you three reasons why I think it’s happening: authenticity, trust, and efficiency.

Authentic Conversations Builds Rapport

Customers will do everything they possibly can to avoid calling your customer support line. Anyone who’s every been on hold for more than 15 minutes can attest to that.

So, they’ll start with the web. Sadly, company websites aren’t always the best place to get personalized customer support. They’ll probably end up turning to Google. If they can’t find answers there, they’ll ask friends on social media.

Interestingly enough, many will run this process exactly in reverse.

In either case, your customers are going to end up looking for answers on some form of social media. Unfortunately, their go-to platforms are getting swamped by advertising. With spending on social advertising projected to rise by over $35 billion next year, it’s only going to get worse.

The last thing a customer in need of support wants is to be taken advantage of. The prevalence of advertising creates a space in which they no longer feel as though they’re having a conversation. Instead, they’ve been commercialized.

A hosted community space allows brands to maintain control of the conversation—to create an authentic environment in which customer service requests are taken seriously and addressed in a way that strengthens customer relations and amplifies the brand narrative.

You won’t get that if your customers are too busy dodging banner ads and sponsored posts.

Developing Trust Through Peer-to-Peer Conversations

Alongside the 2016 U.S. Presidential election, we’ve seen an alarming rise in “fake news.” Sadly, both Google and Facebook have played their part in lending social proof and search traffic to news stories with little truth content at all.

What that means for customer support is that the internet is increasingly becoming a less reliable place—if not in actuality, then at least in perception. If we can’t trust Google to point us in the right direction, then who can we trust?

In the same way that people used to ask friends and neighbours for advice, customers are turning to their online communities to discuss issues before they pick up a phone and call a customer support line.

Customers may not be able to trust the random sources Google points them to, but they can trust the group of enthusiasts they’ve gotten to know online. With the right blend of input from brand loyalists and direction from digital support staff, an online community can become the place for reliable customer support.

Efficiency Through Scale

In 2015, Vanilla Forums ran an audit on 250 discussion threads over 25 customer support communities to see how customers were interacting with those forums. They found that 55% of the questions asked had to do with technical support.

82% of those questions were answered, not by the company, but by other customers.

The beauty of a vibrant online conversation is that your digital support staff can step back and let the user community do the heavy lifting. Of course, you can and should dip in to steer the conversation and provide valuable resources.

Nevertheless, by letting the community own the conversation, you solidify the bonds between your members and, ultimately, your brand. Not to mention, you’ll cultivate a healthy stream of user-generated, Google-indexable content.

Online community-based customer support is going to be a big deal in 2017. Don’t miss your chance to get out in front of it. Start setting up systems and processes that will help you steer the conversation towards higher brand satisfaction and increased conversion.

Keep an eye out for my next post, where I’ll give you a few ideas on how to do just that.

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Joomla! 3.7.0 Alpha 2 released

Joomla News - Thu, 2017-01-19 09:33

We have now released the Alpha 2 version of the new 3.7 release. We moved the date a week to include some more features and now we think we have all features merged. That doesn't mean that all is perfectly running. There are issues to fix and we need a lot more testing. But we are thinking that the state is good enough that we can publish the version and ask for help in testing.

With the "Custom Fields" feature we had a good experience in merging it into a release early. Having it published and available for a larger group of people speeds up the process of making a feature better and solid.

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The Short Newbies Guide to Community Strategy

Vanilla News - Wed, 2017-01-18 14:00

Congratulations, you’re a community manager! In this role, you’ll be responsible for extending the reach and recognition of your brand, upping engagement levels, and improving customer satisfaction. These factors are critical to a brand’s success, but don’t be overwhelmed with the newfound responsibility.

Instead, follow these steps to create a community strategy that will show your managers why they hired you in the first place!

1. Define Your Business Objectives

Before you begin building a community, you must first understand your business’s goals for the brand. What prompted your company to create an online community? How does it fit into the overall vision for the brand?

By understanding where your company wants to go, you can create a detailed roadmap for how to get there. In essence, you’re working backwards from the end game to the first play.

After reviewing the objectives, consider your community from a member’s perspective. What will they gain from participating in the community? What purpose will it serve in their lives? Once you understand your brand goals and customer needs, you can start strategizing how you’ll ensure the community can meet those targets.

2. Perform a Competitive Analysis

Your competition is a valuable resource. Monitoring and assessing their activity will provide you with vital insight into what works, what doesn’t, and how your community stacks up against the rest.

Start by signing up as a new user. What types of onboarding processes do they have in place? Did you receive a welcome email? If so, what type of content was included?

Follow up by delving into the community content. What types of content are users actively engaging with? What parts of the community are most valued by its members? Understanding these factors will help you learn from other’s mistakes while designing a superior experience for your users.

3. Make a Plan

Every good community manager must have a plan. And after you’ve reviewed the company’s objectives and competition’s activity, it’s time to start building. Collect and read your brand’s marketing content, and ask your colleagues questions about the current practices. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel.

You’ll also want to develop a content and events calendar. This will include everything from new product releases to contests and community content. It’ll keep you on track and ensure you don’t miss a major milestone moment.

Next, set up processes that will ensure quality customer care that’s in-line with your brand’s values. How will you handle customer interactions? What do you do if you receive negative feedback? Making sure you’re prepared for a worst-case scenario will allow you to handle it with ease.

Lastly, define your daily, weekly, and monthly workflows. How will you spend your time? What needs to be completed and what can be put on the backburner when things get hectic?

4. Measure, Track, Report

One of the most intimidating aspects of community management for many community managers is how to tackle metrics and measurement.

What you’ll track will depend on the goals you define in #1, but these are some of the important areas to consider: community membership numbers, community participation, number of questions being asked, response time, and number of customer issues resolved. Take a look at Vanilla Forum’s own analytics to get an understanding on what metrics to track.

Once you’ve determined what to track, establish a baseline for benchmarking purposes.

These four steps will help you create a comprehensive community strategy that supports your company’s business goals. However, it’s important to remember to keep reviewing these processes. Nothing stays the same forever, and continually refining your strategy will make you a more proficient community manager.

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Re: theme upload

Simple Machines News - Wed, 2017-01-18 00:17
Is it the new theme you tried to upload today?  I see 2 of them as unapproved themes.

Would you be able to either attach here or via another method send the image your trying to attach as well?
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Re: Trying to add a new board and got Error: database may require an upgrade...

Simple Machines News - Wed, 2017-01-18 00:16
I contacted my host and they said it is not a mysql bug issue and kicked it back to me getting help here.
The facebook sharer mod offers an uninstall package that removes the database tables, but maybe I was supposed to use it a few years ago when I ha...
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Is ssi_recentEvents not working or am I doing it wrong?

Simple Machines News - Wed, 2017-01-18 00:07
Hello there!

I'm trying to make ssi_recentEvents work for me but for some reason it doesn't show the upcoming events.
Is it me that is doing the wrong code or is it simply not working?

My code:
$test = ssi_recentEvents($max_events = 7, $ou...
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Re: backups files in packages folder

Simple Machines News - Tue, 2017-01-17 23:21
Just keep the most recent ones, in case you have a problem with a mod that doesn't show up right away.
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How Fintech Startups are Building Trust through Customer Experience

Vanilla News - Tue, 2017-01-17 14:00

The financial industry is undergoing a major shift today in terms of how it’s perceived by their customers. Trust in legacy institutions is slowly eroding, as anyone who’s been following Wells Fargo probably knows. Their recent phony account scandal could cost the bank up to $8 billion in deposits by the time it’s all said and done.

The big difference between today and twenty years ago is that consumers now have an enormous amount of financial service or fintech options to choose from to cover each and every area of their financial needs. There are apps for savings, investing, insurance, and e-payments. Consumers can simply take their money elsewhere in a matter of days, minutes, or even seconds.

The lesson for big banks is that fintech startups are building the trust and loyalty not just through product and service delivery, but mainly through customer experience. And to their credit, some big banks are taking notice and adopting the same approach.

Here are three ways that fintech is gaining consumer confidence through user experience, and what anyone seeking to strengthen their customer community can learn from it.

Enhancing Credibility

The biggest challenge fintech startups face is getting people to trust them as much as more well-established players. While millennials might be more than willing to try out the latest app, older generations like the Baby Boomers might be more hesitant. Sure, their current big bank might not provide great service all the time, or not have a great online banking interface, but they’ve been with them forever. They’d rather stick with “the devil they know.”

But this is slowly changing, as fintech players have realized the secret to enhancing credibility through user experience: Do one thing and offer the best in user experience at it. They understand that splitting up banking services into sub services, and picking one to be the absolute best at, is the key to building enough credibility to get consumers to take notice.

Take Venmo, for example, which is a simple and fun app to do one thing, which is to pay friends that you owe money to. Their customer experience is social, where you add friends, see what everyone else is paying each other for, and engage their friends about the latest movie they saw or restaurant they ate at. Sure, many big banks offer ways to pay a friend you owe money to. But Venmo has built the highest credibility in this space because their user experience is far superior to anything else out there, for just this one function. Just ask its 25 million (and growing) user base.

Attracting New Users

User experience isn’t just a tool to build up the credibility of a brand. The ultimate goals is to get people to download the app, use it, and bring other new users into the community. For large financial institutions, attracting new “users” has consisted of traditional marketing like TV commercials, radio ads, and bonuses to open an account.

However, fintech startups are taking a completely different approach, and having a lot of success, by attracting new customers with a superior user experience. Around 50 percent of consumers are more likely to refer a fintech product to their friends and family than a big bank, so if they user experience is outstanding, fintech customers will spread the word.

Take the stock investing app Robin Hood, for example, which had almost a million people sign up for the service before it even launched. But what was the key to getting people so excited about the app? While it’s true that Robin Hood offers lower fees and minimum deposits than traditional online trading services, they used a highly differentiated user experience that drew people in.

As opposed to online trading service like E-Trade, where consumers need to use a laptop or PC and go through multiple steps to trade, doing the same activity in Robin Hood is as easy as liking a Facebook post. User experience also helps to attract new customers if you make the signup process easier than the competition.

With Robin Hood, for instance, the entire process can be completed in minutes on a mobile device, taking only 2-3 days for the verification process. That’s a lot less hassle than opening a traditional stock brokerage account and part of the reason why big brokerages are scrambling to improve their user experience to stay competitive.

Increasing Customer Retention

Creating an outstanding user experience doesn’t just attract new customers, but improves retention as well. It’s all about creating a “sticky” experience that gives people more than one reason to keep checking back in, use new features, and in some cases to share and be social with their network.

Intelligent customer experience will not only help retain customers but increase revenue over the course of a customer lifetime, by suggesting additional services that they’re likely to need based on past behaviors. According to PwC, for example, 74% of fund transfer and payment institutions say additional revenue coming from customer retention is one of the major opportunities emerging from fintech customer experience innovation.

PayPal is one great example of this thought process. Although they’ve been around for quite some time, PayPal has more recently adopted a fintech startup mindset to keep their customer experience up to date. PayPal generates revenue through e-wallet and payment transaction fees, for both individuals and businesses in multiple currencies. The more transactions that occur, the more money they make.

PayPal has therefore invested substantial resources in customer experience and user design, hiring top talent to do advanced prototyping of new interfaces. The result is that PayPal has retained many of their users over the years, and has been named one of the top brands in terms of customer loyalty of global brands in any industry.

As Wells Fargo found out, it doesn’t take much for a big chunk of your customer base to disappear rather quickly. Fintech startups realize this, and have been very successful in building credibility, attracting customers, and retaining them all through a focus on customer experience and design. In the end, it’s all about providing customers with the services they need, while minimizing friction and creating interesting new features that keep them coming back for more and sharing with their network.

Building trust through customer experience isn’t just one way to go, it’s becoming the main path forward for both fintech startups and legacy institutions.

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XenForo 1.5.12 Released

XenForo News - Tue, 2017-01-17 13:41
Today, we are pleased to release XenForo 1.5.12. This release fixes a number of bugs and issues that were found since the previous release. As this is a maintenance release, the vast majority of the focus was an increase in stability.

However, by default, we have replaced the Flash-based attachment uploader with an HTML5-based approach. This has increased compatibility with mobile devices and removes Flash as a dependency for multiple file uploads. The Flash-based uploader is now...

XenForo 1.5.12 Released
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