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miniBB 3.2.2 released: now presenting Premoderation 2 add-on, and a few other nice updates

MiniBB News - Sat, 2016-06-25 15:48
miniBB 3.2.2 has been released today and as always, is available for free to download. And as usually, you have to check the History of Updates - follow below the file named !UPDATE.txt for checking out an exact tape of updates. This release includes small-to-medium non-security related yet important bugfixes; also core updates regarding Premoderation 2 add-on (the older version of this add-on is being eliminated from the core and no longer supported); and various default CSS/templates fixes an...
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Re: SMF Neden Bedava

Simple Machines News - Fri, 2016-06-24 23:08
hala güncelle?ini koruyan bilgiler için te?ekkürler.
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Re: Duda con mi foro

Simple Machines News - Fri, 2016-06-24 22:17
Justo ando con ese tema de la imagen nuevo no es muy complicado solo es buscar en la ruta del theme y remplazar la carpeta dice english por el idioma estés usando en este caso... Debes buscar en http://clanhordapirata.hol.es/Themes/vVide/english/ y ren...
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Re: Beta 2 > Beta 3

Simple Machines News - Fri, 2016-06-24 21:28
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Re: Database error when attempting to publish post

Simple Machines News - Fri, 2016-06-24 21:25
Quote from: margarett on Today at 04:42:52 AMDid you have the MOD "Hide Post" installed before?

I attach herewith the list of mods installed and uninstalled. I do not have the mod "Hide Post" installed befor...
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Re: Aumentar número de caracteres em mensagem

Simple Machines News - Fri, 2016-06-24 21:19
Missão cumprida.

Alterei o campo "body" para MEDIUMTEXT na estrutura da tabela smf_messages e o SMF aceitou 200 mil caracteres. Como não vi erros em lado nenhum, parece estar tudo bem.

Mas se dizes que "se esse valor for superior a 65536, o SMF vai ...
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[Guest Post] Gamers as prosumers: Your new marketing team in gaming communities

Vanilla News - Thu, 2016-06-23 15:00

We make strategy games here at Nitro Games. Ever since our first game, the East India Company back in 2009, we’ve seen how important it is to have a well-maintained community. Our focus is now on mobile F2P strategy games. Essentially this means that our games are games as a service.

Therefore we feel it’s essential to have a strong community, lead by the right community manager, to ensure we sustain our audience through the lifecycle of the game. This is especially critical when the game is going through significant changes. You need to be able to communicate these with the community. In best case such changes are actually driven by the community through product feedback.

Our approach to community management heavily relies on prosumers. Prosumers for us are players who are not just passionate about the game, but also investing a considerable amount of their time in engaging with our community of players as well as with our brand through our community manager.

Our strategy in building our community revolves around identifying our core prosumers and design a game for them. In the long run, our prosumers become our loyal brand advocates, as they are a never-ending source of help for us. Many of them actually become part of our global support by assisting other playersthrough the tools we’ve provided for them (in-game communication tools, social media, online forums and so on). All these tools together, used by our players, prosumers and us together define the ecosystem we call our community.

I wanted to share a few of the learnings here that we’ve made along the way. These hopefully benefit other game communities as well.

  • You should always pay back loyalty. Gaining trust from your community is never easy. You need to keep your promises to players and be on their side. Honesty and personal interaction are vital here. If your valued customer shares something with you, you’d better be able to do the same thing.
  • Be human.. All the tools out there are not going to help you, if your customers feel like they’re dealing with a robot or some process driven customer support person. Our community manager, Ida, is not only talented with all the tools and processes out there, but also very strong in personal relationships. She has also been a part of the gaming community throughout her life. We feel it’s essential that our community is driven by someone who is not only a gamer at heart, but also can communicate in a warm and personable way.
  • Measuring the ROI of communities can be tricky. What’s the ROI of treating customers as human beings? What’s the ROI of using one minute more in each customer case to make the reply more personalized? Sometimes numbers are hard to explain, and the KPI’s to follow are tricky to determine if the goal is too wide. With F2P mobile game analytics ,we have all these methods for estimating how many users we reach through viral elements of our games, but defining the value of a long term prosumer is not mathematical. It’s simply priceless.
  • Listen more. Talk less. Interacting in small talk with your community is guaranteed to give you insights into your customers that you cannot gain with focus group testing, analytics and other methods. You make the game for players, so you should definitely listen what they have to say about it.

The tools, methods and people you have working with your community should reflect the fact that your customers are human beings. A community done right will give loyal and passionate fans a place to call home.

So while social media is great for brand awareness, it is only one small piece of the puzzle. A strong branded community brings like-minded members together, attracts new customers and more than anything helps ensure the success of your main business objectives.

Jussi Tähtinen is CEO and co-founder of Finnish mobile game company Nitro Games. Nitro Games is an awarded developer with a decade of experience in making strategy games. Jussi has been with Nitro Games since the beginning. What started as a love for playing strategy games turned into a success story of a game developer delivering several successful strategy games with strong community following. Their latest release Raids of Glory won the Best Social Game Award in Game Connection development awards as a recognition of the team’s hard work in making a game for the players, listening to the players.

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"Table './smforum/smf_sessions' is marked as crashed and last (automatic?) repai

Simple Machines News - Wed, 2016-06-22 23:33
My forum keeps crashing and the error message is displayed:

"Table './smforum/smf_sessions' is marked as crashed and last (automatic?) repair failed"

My host for the forum is Earthlink, who is also my web host. They have repeatedly "repaired" it only ...
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Re: Gallery lite vs Pro vs other third party?

Simple Machines News - Wed, 2016-06-22 23:24
Subcategories are not supported in the light version. I do not have a convertor for photopost. I think photopost has been discontinued.
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Re: I want to increase the size of the Topic Font on the Message Index

Simple Machines News - Wed, 2016-06-22 23:24
Quote from: Facing the facts on June 16, 2016, 09:17:59 PMI tried doing this on CSS but couldn't isolate just the topic titles on the message index page.
Yup, 1.1.x is ultra-primitive and doesn't have the required i...
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How could it happens? With a 2.0.11

Simple Machines News - Wed, 2016-06-22 23:24
Hi. I am very curious about one thing. Today somebody could write in my forum as a visitor and I saw this nickname desruprot.

Visitors have not any permission at my site. Have you seen anything like that before?
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Grow Your Fintech Community Using These 3 Smart Social Media Tactics

Vanilla News - Wed, 2016-06-22 15:00

Nowadays, some of the most successful companies are using social media to grow their community with innovative tactics that are often part of a larger marketing strategy. While this appears to work more naturally in some industries (like fashion or fitness) where people publicly post niche content across channels like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest, other markets can seem like less of a fit for the same approach.

Financial technology, or ‘fintech’ is one of such industries. Using social media can be a bit more difficult due to privacy concerns and personal nature around a financial product or service, but there are still a handful of smart things that banks and payments companies can do. Read on for three tactics you can add to your overall social strategy to wisely grow a fintech company.

Brand Partnerships

Like in any industry, the exposure that an awesome partnership can provide works well for fintech. Depending on the product or service, a partner might be closely related or in a completely different space. An inspiring example of a successful partnership between a fintech company and a seemingly unrelated partner is Tilt’s college tour.

Tilt, an app that helps people collect money from their friends for free, partnered with The Chainsmokers for an insane (and first ever crowdfunded) campus tour. Since the Chainsmokers have a dedicated fanbase that’s Tilt’s target user, the payments company saw growth in part from social media where the Chainsmokers posted content about the tour and about Tilt. Tilt was also able to use each college Chainsmokers concert for its own unique and super shareable social content that drove people back to the app, which was required for tickets to the show.

Social Media Contests

Whether done in the form of a partnership or as a standalone social tactic, contests offer people who may not have used a product or service before an exciting opportunity to learn more about a brand or company. Though a company might choose to extend a social media contest to people who already use its product or service, some brands opt to restrict contests or promotions to new members only. Either way, exposure is the name of the game and success can be measured by user acquisition and community growth.

Paypal has launched a series of social media contests in Australia over the last few years, using Facebook to encourage engagement around fun topics. Because Facebook posts are often shared or shown in a person’s feed, the platform is a powerful choice for a place to grow your community. Paypal’s early 2013 holiday example Delivery Drivers vs. Santa asked people to submit a comment saying why delivery drivers are more awesome than santa. Seasonally themed, it was a fun way to inspire people to chime in while upping exposure opportunities with community growth as a goal.

Meaningful engagement

Though trying to keep up with everyone on social media can feel like a total time suck, there’s huge value in strategic engagement with the right people. This can be done in a variety of ways, including thoughtful follows, genuine responses, re-tweeting, and more. Since many fintech companies have defined friendly, modern brand voices, each engagement is an opportunity for a potential customer or user to get a taste of what being a part of the community is like.

To maximize success with meaningful engagement across social channels, the person managing each should take steps to ensure that the company’s profile, brand assets and tagline are consistent. They should also take steps to see that the stream or feed is on-brand and offers variety between promotion, unique content, and content authored by others. If working with a platform that publicly displays comments or discussion like Facebook, the person should take advantage of opportunities to showcase positive conversations. Companies doing this well on Twitter include Venmo and Square while both Paypal and Tilt have beautiful, human-feeling Instagram accounts. In a disappointing contrast, Indiegogo’s Facebook page shows a series of unanswered, unhappy comments.

These types of engagement can make or break community growth, so be sure to take advantage of each opportunity to make a great impression and add members to your community!

Have you had success growing a community through social media? We’d love to read about your tactics and hacks in the comments!

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Using Forum RSS feeds in a Slack Channel

Vanilla News - Tue, 2016-06-21 16:48

It’s hard to ignore the impact of a tool like Slack has had on many businesses. It’s an easy way to stay connected to your team, even if you have a distributed team across the country or the world. One tip you may have missed is how you can leverage RSS feeds and Slack – this can help you be more efficient in managing notifications and bringing in content from various locations into one area.

Here is a quick tutorial on how to use the RSS feeds of your community (powered by Vanilla) and a dedicated slack channel.

Identifying the feeds you need in Vanilla Forums

Before you integrate the RSS feeds, you’ll need to decide which feeds you want to follow. With Vanilla, you have access to RSS feeds to public categories, profiles, and activities. To use content from any area of your Vanilla community,  add “/feed.rss” to the end of the URL. Some for example, you want the RSS feed of a category it will look like the following:


If you uncheck the “view” in the Guest roles & permissions, these will not have a public RSS feed and therefore will not be able to be used with this solution.

Get the RSS feed add-on from Slack…or not

Once you have the RSS feed you want you now you need to grab the RSS add-on from Slack. This will allow you to import the information from any RSS feed to any channel you think makes sense. All you need to do is click install.

The other option, is just to use the Slack command /feed subscribe and then the URL or the RSS feed you want. You can do this within any Slack channel you want or create a new one.

To create an area for comments on our blog, I created a new channel. I personally thought it was easier.

Now I need to subscribe to the RSS feed from my Vanilla community. We have all comments going to it’s own category, called “Blog Comments”. As I’ve explained earlier, I just add /feed.rss to the end of the category url, to grab a feed.

We can now enter this command into our Slack channel

SlackBot confirms it’s working and now anyone on this channel will get notified of any new comments on our blog.

Now that you know how to find your RSS feed, tell us how you are using it. Are you using it with Slack, Zapier or another solution?

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Re: SimplePortal vs TinyPortal - Which do you PREFER?

Simple Machines News - Mon, 2016-06-20 22:52
Quote from: Gluz on June 09, 2016, 07:40:47 PMWell, as far a I see them from the inside (because I needed some Portal that allow me to use some of their function in a easy way), some of the main differences are that SP do ...
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Re: Problemas con Membergroup Color Legend II.2

Simple Machines News - Mon, 2016-06-20 22:39
Pero al momento de instalar dice se ah instalado correctamente no debería redirigir, mira bien por tus paneles que tiene aparecer la modificación!

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Re: Detectar usuario entre SMF y TS3

Simple Machines News - Mon, 2016-06-20 22:37
¿No habías pedido ya eso? puede que me pareció, ahora en cuanto a lo que pides no creo no exista nada aunque realizarlo no se que tan viable sea...

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Re: Postloop Installer - More posts more activity more members!

Simple Machines News - Mon, 2016-06-20 22:19
Quote from: Jade Elizabeth on June 18, 2016, 07:26:28 PMNo it's not the forum wheel. I honestly can't remember the name, I got invited though so I will probably check them out. They've got a lot of people pissed at PL ther...
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Re: Split Forum Mod

Simple Machines News - Mon, 2016-06-20 22:15
Thank you for updates

few errors:
MoveTopic.php :
Code: [Select]LEFT JOIN {db_prefix}categories AS c ON (c.id_cat = b.id_cat AND c.forumid = {int:forumid}))it should be:
[code]LEFT JOIN {db_prefix}categories AS c ON (c.id_cat = b.id_cat AND c.forumi...
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The Importance of Interest-Based Communities

SocialEngine News - Mon, 2016-06-20 17:00
It is hard to deny the impact that social media has had on the world. It has changed the way that people connect with friends, co-workers, and celebrities. It has also brought attention to several social issues and changed the way legal systems function on a domestic and international level.


However, there are flaws that come with several social media. While these media may have been influential at first, many feel that they are losing their appeal. Several users complain that social media is dense, superficial, and fleeting.

As a matter of fact, Nina Khosla, a contributor for Tech Crunch, noted that ‘as the size of the network increases, our ability to be social decreases.’

Many believe that these issues are being solved with the creation of interest-based communities. Interest-based communities are networks that are dedicated to specific niches or ideas. They allow users to share their experiences with like-minded people.

Instead of encouraging superficial success, users work to uplift each other around goals that matter to them. With these networks, users are able to gain knowledge, receive support, and establish recognition around their peers. That is more than enough for interest-based community members.

Social media have changed the way we communicate with the world. However, as time progresses the function of the media networks has changed. The networks, that were once used to garner real relationships, have become about popularity contents and saturated information.

Many people believe that interest-based communities are the answer. These communities are smaller and allow users to communicate with like-minded peers, get real support, and recognition for the things they care about.

While this may not be different from the popularity contests that have taken over most social media, it is more than enough for interest-based community members. If you would like to learn more about these interest-based communities, visit us.

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