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Re: "/e modifier is deprecated"

Simple Machines News - Fri, 2016-07-29 22:41
you need the mod author to help you fix that issue, or you need to uninstall the mod.
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Re: Handling Distributed Attacks

Simple Machines News - Fri, 2016-07-29 22:26
As a side note, maybe I'm wrong about it being simply a matter of an attack. Here's my status.php
[code]Connections per second:   42.3453
Kilobytes received per second:   327.8142
Kilobytes sent per second:   20612.5895
Queries per second:   1471.3518
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Re: Bad Behavior for SMF mod

Simple Machines News - Fri, 2016-07-29 22:26
Where's the setting to purge the cache?
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Can't get it to install

Simple Machines News - Fri, 2016-07-29 21:41
I'm trying to install smf 2.0.11. I've downloaded and extracted the files, uploaded them to a directory named "forum" on my website in binary mode, set permissions on all files and folders to 777, and still I get the following message:

"A critical erro...
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"/e modifier is deprecated"

Simple Machines News - Fri, 2016-07-29 21:36
Hi there.

A few weeks ago, my log registry started showing hundreds of errors from this mod.

Here are the errors that I'm getting:
[code]8192: preg_replace(): The /e modifier is ...
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Zoho Data Centers in Europe

Zoho Discussions News - Fri, 2016-07-29 17:40

We are pleased to announce the opening of two data centers in Europe — one in Amsterdam, the Netherlands and another in Dublin, Ireland. With our new data centers, all the information that our European customers trust us with will be stored securely within the borders of the continent. This would also mean faster access times for our European customers.

We are also excited to debut the launch of our European website www.zoho.eu. Powered by our new data centers, zoho.eu will cater to our rapidly-expanding customer base in Europe, and all Zoho products will be available with prices listed in Euros. This makes payments easier for our European customers and also protects them from fluctuating exchange rates.

With the completion of our new data centers and the zoho.eu launch, we continue to build on the trust that our European customers have placed in us.

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Introducing Zoho CRM Mobile Add-On for Google Sheets.

Zoho Discussions News - Thu, 2016-07-28 18:12

It is not uncommon that small and medium businesses use Google Sheets to store and maintain customer information, until they come to realize the need for a CRM system to keep up with their growth. The first step in setting up a CRM system is to import their existing contacts from such Sheets into their CRM system.

Doing this on a desktop is not rocket science; this was the way it has been happening for years. But now that everyone’s workstations have become increasingly mobile, and that most of your work happens on the move, why should the task of importing contacts be left out?

We are happy to work with Google to introduce the Zoho CRM mobile add-on for Google Sheets that helps salespeople import their contacts from Google Sheets into Zoho CRM.

This add-on can be accessed from the add-ons section in Google Sheets.

While the current integration lets you import Google Sheets content only as contacts, we are working to expand this integration to work across all modules in Zoho CRM (i.e. you will be able to import your Google Sheets data into any module, including custom modules soon).

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The 411 on Using Community KPIs for the First Time

Vanilla News - Thu, 2016-07-28 15:00

Community work is all about relationships, and the degree to which a community manager is able to deepen and strengthen them to generate ROI can be tricky (though definitely not impossible) to measure. Depending on the community’s stage and your specific goals, KPIs, or Key Performance Indicators, can help you track core community metrics and share your success.

While KPIs are never perfect, using them to track progress is also valuable for understanding what’s not working — and what you can do to fix it. Since community generates business growth by reducing churn through good user and customer experiences, a solid community KPI will be centered on metrics of your choosing that accomplish three key things:

  • Are closely tied to your daily effort and goals
    Consider consistency, team goals and the company’s North Star
  • Speak to the value of relationships
    You might consider metrics that showcase the company’s relationship with the customer or user and/or their relationships to each other
  • Can be tracked and measured
    Measurement must be accurate over time for reliable reporting, so choose your method and frequency and stick to them.

If you’re using community KPIs for the first time, know that while community functions range from social media or support-side efforts to work with product and marketing, beginning with engagement or retention based metrics is a sound place to start. Engagement-based metrics can help a community manager understand how often a customer or user is actively drawn to the company’s product or service while retention-focused metrics are key for understanding how long customers or users stay connected to the product or service.

That said, no community jobs are ever exactly alike in terms of industry, members or goals, but the following metrics are some you can consider incorporating into your own work immediately:

1. Response Rate: Work on the support or social media side of community or happiness? Tracking response time (over time) is a great place to measure your day to day efforts. Measure the number of incoming requests from community members with your average response time and use the data when you evaluate customer or user happiness. You’re likely to see happiness increase with response rate improvements, which will speak directly to your work.

2. Satisfaction: Measuring satisfaction is a good way to get a pulse check on your community and the experience that members have while engaging with your company. Many companies use surveys like the NPS, or Net Promoter Score, to understand the percentages of customers and users who are satisfied, dissatisfied or neutral about their product or service. Though you may think about focusing on the unhappy people (detractors) first, the percentage of people who fall in the middle is actually where you might be able to make the biggest leaps and strides. Work hard to understand what about your company, product, service or brand experience can take a customer or user from “it’s okay” to “I can’t live without it.” Measure the change month over month and you’ll have solid progress to show.

3. Return Rate: Knowing how often your community members engage with your product or service is an essential part of a community manager’s work. Whether you’re community forum logins, site visits from social media efforts, app usage or sales, pick a metric that you can always rely on to clearly communicate the frequency in which your customers or users come back for more. Understand what number speaks to optimum loyalty, what inspires community members to reach that point and work hard to elevate other members to the same state.

4. Churn: Watching a community grow is one of the single best feelings a community manager can have — but the growth is only worth celebrating if you’re retaining old members too. Pay close attention to what the numbers really mean on a regular basis. Are you running an off-brand promotion that garners many new members but losing long-term customers or users in the process? Do more seasoned members feel neglected? This can be especially tricky in social media based community roles with heavy pressure to acquire followers. Avoid vanity metrics and strike a balance for healthy community growth.

Remember that while KPIs and the metrics you choose for each provide a strong baseline for measuring and showcasing awesome community success, there are lots of factors outside of your control that can affect your work. Things like bugs, technical difficulties, site outages, marketing campaigns, product and price changes can all play a major role in how relationships grow and generate ROI for the company. In these instances, the best thing you can do is make a note as to what happened during any given day or week and include the information in your reporting. That way, when you present your progress using your KPIs, you’ll be able to tell the whole story.

What metrics do you track and evaluate in your community role? Tell us more about what you do and how you measure your success in the comments.

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Installing on Windows IIS with a virtual directory

Simple Machines News - Wed, 2016-07-27 22:49
Anything I need to know about installing on a Windows Server with IIS using virtual directories?  To further complicate things a little, I'm using dynamic dns and therefore would set up as example.ddns.net/virtualdirectory

Thanks in advance for any ide...
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[mod]Open Grap Facebook

Simple Machines News - Wed, 2016-07-27 22:47
Este es un simple mod
¿que hace ?

establece las siguientes etiquetas

[code]   <meta property="og:url" content="" />
   <meta property="og:type"  content="article" />
   <meta property="og:title"  content="" />
   <meta property="og:description"  content="? "...
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Re: Poner Imaguen predeterminada En mensajes de Facebook

Simple Machines News - Wed, 2016-07-27 22:13
acabo de subir un mod  a smf para su verificación, espero que sea aprobado,  pero hace lo que buscas 
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Re: Like Posts

Simple Machines News - Wed, 2016-07-27 22:02
Quote from: OriginalHomesoil on Today at 03:13:14 PMI have installed this mod and I dont see any errors however I dont know how to activate it in my forum? There is nothing showing up. New to all this, be gentle on m...
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Re: Breeze

Simple Machines News - Wed, 2016-07-27 21:54
Quote from: Grammy on July 24, 2016, 04:40:03 PMHi,

When using "action=who" I'm getting this a lot:

Unknown Action (Action: breezeajax -> fetchNoti)

I've been able to confirm that the users have not yet activated their wal...
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Zoho CRM 2016 is ready.

Zoho Discussions News - Wed, 2016-07-27 16:29

Our biggest release ever brings multichannel sales, a brand-new email client for salespeople, a marketplace where developers can connect with end users, and much more.


Over the past couple of years, we’ve been hard at work crafting the new version of our flagship CRM product. We designed the new CRM to help you tackle multichannel sales in real time, to make email work the way a salesperson does, and to help organizations break sales records without breaking a sweat.

 So, today is the day we finally get to reveal everything we have in store for you. This is far and away the biggest release in Zoho’s history – and we’re pretty proud of it. With major updates to CRM, a brand-new email client for salespeople, an expanded apps marketplace, and exclusive developer tools and programs, we’re ready for everything.
There’s a lot to cover. Now the only question is: Are you ready?

Zoho CRM-2016

So, what’s new in Zoho CRM?

Almost everything, to be honest. SalesInbox and SalesSignals give you more context for every conversation. Expanded multichannel support makes Zoho CRM 2016 the most tightly integrated system on the market. Add advanced features like Page Layouts, Sandbox, and new customization options, and you can see we’ve gotten a major renovation. The only thing that hasn’t changed? Zoho CRM’s ability to help you close more deals in less time.



Multiple channels, one conversation.

Your customers are everywhere; your sales team needs to be prepared to engage them, no matter the medium. Zoho CRM’s multichannel support for phone, email, live chat, social media, and in-person meetings lets your team make the most of every interaction at a moment’s notice. Multiply your channels and start multiplying your sales.

Use SalesSignals for real-time information about how customers and prospects are engaging with your business. With notifications about when a new visitor looks at your website or a returning customer opens a marketing email, SalesSignals gives you the details you need so you can know when to reach out.



Automate and be productive.

Sell smarter, not harder. Find overlooked opportunities with Advanced Filters, and make sure you never miss an appointment by syncing Zoho CRM with the most popular calendar apps (including iCal). Flowchart based workflows and schedules take care of routine tasks so you spend your time talking with prospects instead of entering their data.

Advanced Filters

Play more, sell more.

Set up peer-to-peer contests for your teams with Gamescope and make selling fun. Use badges and trophies to reward best practices and keep your team motivated. See who your top performers are and who could use some more coaching with insights from Advanced CRM Analytics.

 Software that works the way you do.

Adapt CRM to meet your needs through customizable Page Layouts, buttons, fields, and functions. Sandbox lets you test changes to your CRM processes before you roll them out across your organization. Bring data from other Zoho applications into CRM through our native extensions, or use third-party integrations to push data to or from your favorite apps.

Check out What’s New in Zoho CRM for more information about all the latest features.

Note: We’ll be rolling out Zoho CRM 2016 to all existing CRM users in a phased manner, over the next couple of weeks. If you’re an existing user, and need access to CRM 2016 on priority then register here.

Zoho SalesInbox

Think inside the (in)box. Traditional email puts the most recent messages on top, not the most important ones. SalesInbox—the first email client built exclusively for salespeople—prioritizes your emails according to the deals that matter most. See the entire CRM context before you hit send.




Email that produces results.

SalesInbox cuts through the clutter by organizing emails from leads, prospects, and colleagues into separate columns. Set follow-up notifications with ResponseWatch and check in with customers and coworkers if they haven’t gotten back to you. And when you get that email saying that the big deal is sealed, just drag and drop the message into the Deals column and Zoho CRM automatically updates the record.




Turn unopened emails into closed deals.

Filter leads using information from CRM to segment your audience and send better messages. Dashboards and reports tell you which emails have the best open rates and which ones aren’t getting seen. Share succesful templates with your colleagues, and use analytics to understand what content gets the most clicks.

Go beyond the thread.

Let CRM keep track of the little details so you can focus on the big picture. Review notes, past messages, and deal history from a single place and pick up every conversation from where the last one left off. Give your salespeople deeper insights into their customers and watch your revenues go sky high.

Zoho Marketplace

Whether you’re syncing marketing data with sales stats or comparing ad spend to lead gen results, having tools that work together make all the difference. Bring all your business processes into one place by connecting Zoho CRM with your favorite third-party apps. The Zoho Marketplace offers extensions from major SaaS vendors, including MailChimp, SurveyMonkeyZendeskEventbrite, Box, DocuSign, SignEasy, Webmerge and SMS-Magic.


Zoho Developer

Zoho has more than 20 million users: The Zoho Developer Program is the best way to reach them. Develop extensions that add additional functions to Zoho CRM, build connectors that integrate Zoho products with third-party applications, or design custom apps in Zoho Creator. Set your own price and sell your solutions in the Zoho Marketplace. This is as good as it can get.


We’re excited to spread the word about Zoho CRM 2016. We know that as soon as you see the new features and updates, you will be, too. Tell us what you think in the comments below, or help us get the message out on social media with the hashtag #ReadyToSell.

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6 Content Marketing Tactics for Fintech Lead Generation

Vanilla News - Wed, 2016-07-27 15:00

Financial technology is experiencing a boom with global investment having topped $22 billion in 2015. With a slew of established fintech players vying for new customers and startups battling for a piece of the pie, it’s no surprise that many are looking for ways to create a leadership position through content marketing. Strategic use of custom or curated content can be an excellent driver of sales qualified leads. This can be accomplished through blog posts, emails, how-to videos and webinars, industry or product infographics, online guides, case studies, even slide decks and social media posts.

Fintech companies are as exciting and diverse as they are fragmented, so keying in on your industry’s high value markets is essential. I’ll explain how segmentation, personalization and leveraging user generated content are important in reaching your audience. You’ll also learn why collaborating with your sales team can bring new insights into the types of content you wish to share. Finally, learn how to package it with a compelling message and call to action.

1. Segment your audiences

Market or audience segmentation refers to the process of selecting who your target markets are and developing content directed to them. Rather than taking a “shotgun” approach, it’s important to design a message with more focus that speaks straight to your audience. This can be based on business verticals, geographies, demographics or even where your targets are in the sales funnel.

For example, in the payments industry, it helps to separate messaging for a brick and mortar retailer versus an e-commerce business. It’s important to make sure the specific product or service being discussed is taken into consideration.

A content hub is perfect for sharing information with multiple audiences. It groups content in a visually appealing way while providing a simplified user experience. Omni-channel payment platform GlobalOnePay offers a commerce hub that delivers case studies and white papers based on product and vertical: global e-commerce payments, mobile payments, omni-channel payments, and their related industries.

After you’ve segmented your audiences, it’s time to personalize your message based on your brand persona, needs, interests, and the way they consume your content. Research your target markets to find out what is relevant to them and the type of language they use. Do they browse on their desktop or mobile device? You can even find out the best time of day to deliver the message based on previous engagement or open rates if you’re sending an email.

2. Write for your customers, not for regulatory environments

If you’re in banking or another heavily regulated financial industry, you may find you are hampered by regulations limiting what you can discuss publicly. However, that doesn’t mean that your content should be written towards regulators. This results in creating very weak content and brand stories that don’t stand out from your competition.

Ask yourself, what would you write if there was no legislation and what would be the ideal value proposition that would attract your customers? Start with this, and then remove the parts that would cause legal issues. This allows you to communicate a stronger brand message than if you wrote for the government.

A deeper understanding of your audience will help you craft your message and deliver it in a way that resonates specifically with them. From an SEO perspective, using keywords designed for your target audience helps optimize search engine traffic for terms related to their industry.

3. Leverage user-generated content

You’d be surprised by how much insight on certain topics you’ll get by simply listening to your audience. This is where the power of social media, blogs and online forums come in. Turn your findings into thoughtful, useful content that adds value and is aimed squarely at your audience.

Online network FINTECH Circle promotes its curated content through its LinkedIn group and allows its nearly 15,000 members to join in on the conversation or post articles themselves. Another example is Pivotal Payments’ newsletter, which touches upon topics discussed by merchants who have contacted Client Care. This proactively helps others who may have similar support needs.

It’s equally important to engage and build one-on-one relationships with clients who are regular posters or who provide useful information to their peers. They can be considered micro-thought leaders, experts in how they use your product or service, with the ability to influence an even wider audience.

4. Improve collaboration between marketing and sales

Although sometimes it feels like they work in silos, tighter collaboration between marketing and sales helps improve your message. After all, both groups work towards the same goal. By aligning content with insights from sales, you’ll be in a better position to address your audience’s pain points, increase product knowledge and proactively handle common objections.

Stuck for content? Find out what non-core product or service related interests are commonly discussed between your prospects and sales team. This allows you to diversify content while keeping a pulse on industry trends.

5. Social media is your friend – use it wisely

Your customers spend more time on social media than they do watching TV. Social media is now such an integral part of their lives that it would be a strategic mistake to not use it as part of your content marketing.

Understandably, governmental regulations can hamper some social media campaigns, and as a result we’ve seen banks criticized for it. A report from the Carlisle and Gallagher consulting Group found that 87% of banking consumers thought that banks’ use of social media was unhelpful, especially when it came to customer service.

Of course, be aware of posting sensitive information publicly. But if you’re looking to gain a competitive advantage over traditional banks, posting relevant content on various platforms can help you gain wider brand exposure.

6. Engage your audience and boost conversions

Content marketing is a great way to build buzz, scale your lead generation program, and it has proven to be an amazing tool for customer retention.

Whether it’s an email, blog post, forum topic or a PDF download, create content that is actionable. Each paragraph or section should keep your readers engaged and by the end, elicit a direct response. This could be filling out a form, signing up for a newsletter or calling for more information. Conversions can be tracked with your CRM or analytics platform. Forum posts should encourage reader interaction and comments, but it’s important to keep them moderated.

At least once a quarter, perform a content audit and ask yourself, did your content create value either for your marketing goals (e.g. conversions, ROI) or for your prospect engagement? And did the content help your current customers get more value from using your product or service?

If your content doesn’t meet the needs of your target audience – either new prospects or existing customers – then adjust your strategy.

Above all, keep the message on topic and never lose sight of your marketing goals.

Louis Georgakakis is a fintech marketing professional based in Montreal, Canada. As Marketing Director for Pivotal Payments, he’s part of a team dedicated to providing technology-driven global payment processing solutions for small to large enterprises in the point-of-sale, B2B and e-commerce industries.

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Building Your Community Using Influencer Marketing

Vanilla News - Tue, 2016-07-26 15:00

Did you know that 90% of online users trust only peer-to-peer reviews and recommendations? Only 33% trust ads. And millennials represent an enormous segment of the purchasing population but have different habits than other demographics when it comes to making purchasing decisions. They are much more attracted to brands that meet their values and communicate with their peer group before making a purchase. Also, 88% of buyers consider online reviews a key part in their purchasing decision.

Develop the buyer and influencer persona

As a marketer, you should have already created a buyer’s persona, but also identified where they hang out online and offline. You can take it a step further, by also creating an influencer persona as a way to identify the right influencers.

Ask yourself:

  • What does your buyer believe in?
  • Are they hanging out in specific areas online? What platform are they on?
  • What kind of content would they follow? Be interested in consuming?

Knowing the answers to these questions can help you identify who would be the best person to reach out to.

Developing the influencer strategy

You may be wondering how to you go about finding influencers. There are a lot of tools that can help you find and research potential influencers for your community. BuzzStream Discovery gives you the ability to search for influencers and see their engagement level, size of their audience and the type of content they have created.

  • Create a reciprocal relationship. Influencers relish the opportunity to grow their own communities. By giving the influencer a forum to discuss your brand, both of you have the opportunity to grow both your fan bases.
  • Influencers are only good as their community. Don’t go after the popular bloggers or YouTube stars that have millions of fans but the power middle – those bloggers who have a small, but loyal audience that drive 16 times more engagement than the larger personalities. You will find that they are heavily involved in their communities, engaging their fans with great content and are very active in forums or social media.
  • Measure. Measure. Measure. Measure the exposure that the influencer has on their network through their content as Brands are focused on working with influencers in the context of content, because it’s tangible. Quality, authentic, credible content resonates with the community, since it has the voice of the customer in it.
  • Build the relationship before you need them. From our experience at Vanilla, you must build the relationships with influencers before you need them, as these relationships take time to build. A strategy that mutually benefits both the influencer and their network is crucial. A good way to activate your community is to host a chat with an influencer. You may even gain new members by doing so.

Consumers are researching for information and reviews about their products online and opinions relating to your product or service. They either find this in a forum, through a Google search, or even on a niche blog review. Brands used to control the message, however, that’s no longer the case.

Your customers trust people that they know, be it experts or in their social networks. As an advertiser, to build the trust, connecting with influencers facilitates it. There are reasons why influencers are more important than ever: So when you work with an influencer, not only do they have the ability to drive traffic to your site, but also increase your social media exposure.

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Introducing Reporting Tags in Zoho Books: Sorting your Reports is now just a Tag away!

Zoho Discussions News - Tue, 2016-07-26 14:23

Kumar is a retailer who sells mobile accessories and has business in three major cities: Chennai, Bangalore and Mumbai. He needs to generate a report that organizes his transactions by city to see how well his company has fared in each of the three markets.

With the new Reporting Tags feature in Zoho Books, this level of organization is now possible. Companies with multiple divisions and cost centers can use Reporting tags to help maintain their various accounts under a single roof.

Create reporting tags with phrases made of short keywords to help you filter and generate customized reports. You can associate a tag to categorize particular groups of transactions and generate a report based on these tags.


Tag ’em all!

Tags can make your life a whole lot easier; Save yourself time and find your transactions much faster by associating them with specific tags! You can associate these tags to all your sales and purchase transactions including Estimates, Sales Order, Invoices, Expenses, Purchase Orders, Bills, Credit Notes and Vendor Credits.


Customize your reports.

For Sharma, a successful restaurant owner, Sundays are a huge boon for his business; his weekend sales are close to 50% more than his weekday business. If he wants to generate a report for his weekends alone, he can associate a tag to all his weekend transactions and generate a customized report for a more focused analysis of his weekend business.

Gone are the days when you had to manually sort and categorize your reports. Just click on these tags and your reports will be sorted in no time! You can customize your profit-loss report, balance sheet, and account transactions with these tags.


Itemize and Personalize.

Tags don’t just organize each of your individual transactions by category; they can also be used to group items together for product-based reports. For instance, John sells different items in different regions: shirts and trousers in the U.S., footwear in the U.K., and cosmetics in India. Instead of tagging each and every transaction, he can associate tags to each group of items and generate a customized report to keep his product reports separate .

Tags can even be used to organize expenses by contact. John can also associate tags to contacts who supply him with a particular brand of accessories and create personalized reports for those contacts.

With Reporting Tags, John got his business  sorted, and he wants you to try it too! 

Need help getting started? Drop our support team a line at support@zohobooks.com, if you have any questions about tags. 

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Get your Naukri with Zoho Recruit

Zoho Discussions News - Tue, 2016-07-26 12:42

We have exciting news for recruiters across India. Thanks to our newest integration with India’s largest employment website, Naukri, recruiters can now send job openings to every corner of India without leaving the comfort of their applicant tracking system.

Zoho Recruit has always stressed the importance of collaborating with the most popular job boards, and we are ecstatic and proud to add Naukri to that list. With its database of nearly 44 million registered candidates recruiters can search through, Naukri has been one of the most influential job boards in the country.

And with the Zoho Recruit integration, recruiters can harness its power to simplify the process of posting job openings and sourcing candidates so they can find the perfect hire, each and every time.

Apart from India, Naukri, by Info Edge India Ltd., is  a dominant player in all gulf countries. It goes by the name of naukrigulf.com, and has been a go-to place for millions of job seekers and tons of employers. Post your job opening to naukrigulf.com by mentioning the location of the job opening to any of the gulf countries. It’s that simple!

Since 2006, Naukri have received many accolades in various fields such as Best website of the year, 2014 and Best classified website, 2012. Naukri is proving to be  serious competition with the most popular job boards working worldwide.

Starting  today, you can post your job openings to Naukri and get them in front of billions of potential job seekers!

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XenForo 1.5.9 Released

XenForo News - Tue, 2016-07-26 12:08
Today, we are pleased to release XenForo 1.5.9. This release fixes a number of bugs and issues that were found since the release of 1.5.8. As this is a maintenance release, the vast majority of the focus was an increase in stability.

Some of the bugs fixed in 1.5.9 include:
  • Improved compatibility with upcoming PHP 7.1 release.
  • Add basic email typo detection for specific cases to reduce false positives with StopForumSpam checks.
  • Indicate when a StopForumSpam result is from a...

XenForo 1.5.9 Released
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XenForo Media Gallery 1.1.8 Released

XenForo News - Tue, 2016-07-26 12:08
XenForo Media Gallery 1.1.8 is a maintenance release for our media gallery add-on. We recommend all customers running XenForo Media Gallery to upgrade to 1.1.8 to benefit from increased stability.

This release fixes several bugs that were reported following the release of XenForo Media Gallery 1.1.7:
  • Improved compatibility with upcoming PHP 7.1 release.
  • Improved the performance of marking large numbers of media as viewed.
  • Workaround a situation where MySQL's wait_timeout...

XenForo Media Gallery 1.1.8 Released
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