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Drupal Tip #2: Message Quoting

This is the Drupal Tip #2, how to support Message Quoting in your forum.

Quote Module Screenshot

One of the most widely spread features in forum software is the ability of quoting other users' posts, in order to make the reading of the topic more comfortable. Readers understand whom you answer and what question or affirmation was the base of your message.

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Drupal Tip #1: Add Smileys to your forum

This article is the first one of a series of about 10 tips that describe how to improve your forum when you use the famous Drupal CMS. We actually think that the previous experience we acquired recently, by improving our own discussion forum could be shared with other people, and we really hope you will find in these tips things that could be applied to your forum.

Smileys Module Screenshots

Let's begin with Smileys Tongue

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A new forum is born!

It was a shame for a website called Forum Software Reviews to do not have a decent Community Forum. This long standing problem is now resolved, as we have just released our new Discussion Forum. The main target when we developed it was to improve simplicity, and add a global appearance of a classic forum software to the Drupal Forum module we have extended. The sharp users will probably notice that we took some inspirations from the default PhpBB theme, and they would not be wrong at all Wink.

We have created something like 10 new forum groups, that should allow you to regroup the main topics about forum and classic problems (social networks, moderation problems, installation and extensibility,...). We really hope they will cover all existing subjects, so if, in having a look about these topics, you find something missing that does not fulfill your specific needs and questions, do not hesitate to post a comment about it.

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IP.Board 3.1.0 Beta 1 has been released

Some news from the IP.Board front: the future and really promising IP.Board 3.1 has well advanced, as, it has just reached the Beta 1 level. Most important new features have been implement, and it's now time to test and ensure that everything works fine and that no regressions have been added during modifications. Just for remembering, here are the expected new features embedded with IP.Board 3.1:

  • Twitter Integration
  • Improved Facebook Integration
  • Notification System
  • Skin Upgrader
  • Search Engine Overhaul
  • ... and many more!

We are quite sure that this is a very good step forward for IP.Board.

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New Feature: Community Size Average

The new features list is increasing again! Each forum software has now a recommended community size, where it is know that the software will deliver its best performance and will be able to support this kind of load charge.

Obviously, if a product is able to manage a Large Community, it could also support smaller communities.

Community Size Average Screenshot

All forum softwares have been updated, and you can therefore discover the above chart on the first page of each reviews.

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